Welcome and Arrival in the United States

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The US Department of State administers the J-1 Exchange Program as a venue for educational and cultural exchange to encourage mutual understanding between other countries and the United States.    Additional information about the J-1 exchange program is available in the Department of State exchange visitor welcome brochure.  
The I-94 has been automated.  This means it is no longer necessary for affected visitors to complete a paper form when arriving in the United States by air or sea. US Customs and Border Patrol will continue to stamp your passport with the date and status of entry.  You will need to retrieve and print an electronic record of your I-94 after arrival online.
Click here to retrieve and print your I-9.
Click here for more information on the automation of the I-94.
Immediately upon arrival, exchange visitors must bring their passport, visa, and local mailing address to the Manager of Immigration.  For employees, this must be done PRIOR to the start date of your employment.  You can contact the Manager of Immigration by email at hrgeorge@southalabama.edu or phone 251-460-7053.  Her office is located in Meisler Hall Suite 2300.
Prospective employees are expected to complete the process for employment eligibility PRIOR to the start of any employment.  Click here for more details. These individuals are expected to contact Debbie Baker in the Payroll Office (Administration Building, Room 280) immediately upon arrival.