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Degree Programs
The Dramatic Arts programs are designed to help the student develop a knowledge of, and a proficiency in, the arts of the theatre. The Department of Dramatic Arts provides a solid and well-rounded program in theatre with a curriculum that is at the same time basic and innovative. Its play productions range from the classics to modern musicals, from the intimate to the large scale, students directed to faculty produced. Its philosophy and practice are totally professional. The purpose of the department is to give all drama students a sound foundation in the theatre arts so that they may enjoy them as spectators or as participants, professionally or as a leisure activity..

The Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.)
is designed to give the student general knowledge and practice in theatre. Its requirements include basic and elective drama courses and a minor in another area.

A minor in Drama, with a minimum of 23 semester hours is available for those wishing to major in another field.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.) in Theatre Arts is specifically planned for those who intend to pursue a professional career in theatre, television, or film. It requires the basic courses plus intensive theatre work and advance classes. No minor is required. Needed by all students working towards this degree, however, is a twelve hour course of professional activity in theatre outside the University and A senior thesis, in which the student demonstrates expertise in an area of concentration.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) allows the student to gain a better understanding of the theatre, while the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) provides professional training in the same field. Both include lectures, workshops, and practical experience in all phases of the theatre.