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The USA Launch Society Mission Statement:                                                                       


                   The purpose of the USA Launch Society is to promote the learning of          

aeronautics and atmospheric research. This is done through outreach to younger       

students in the community and competition in projects such as NASA’s University    

 Student Launch Initiative. Future plans include expanding into the fields of high         

altitude balloon research and improved rocketry research. Currently, the main          

  operation of USA Launch Society is to provide support for the 2009-2010 USLI        

competition team.                                                                                                





Tim Morgan: President

Alex Scruggs: Vice President

David Shaw: Treasurer

Nick Hall: Secretary

Andy Mosley: Purchasing

Joseph McCreary: Publications


Charles Aldrich

Walt McCall

Corey Bunn

KC Curry

Amanda Lewis

Tim Florian

Michael Pruett

Andrew Lyle

Jordan Bratina

Wes Ellison

Jeremy Actkins

Raymond Cayula

Michael Shambo

Brooke Haygood

Adrianna Maniaci

Michael Ashby

Andra Fergus


University of South Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

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Date last changed: January 19, 2010      

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