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Average Tuition and Fees for College of Medicine
In State $27,682
Out of State $56,120
Residents of the University's Service Area are not charged Out of State Fees.
The Service Area includes: Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida;
                  George, Greene, Harrison, Jackson, Perry and Stone counties in Mississippi.
Important Dates
Use this timeline as your guide throughout the financial aid process. Take the time to note events as they occur so that you have a record of when you complete them. Also, look ahead to plan for upcoming events.

Bench Mark Event
January 1 Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are available for new and returning students.
January Complete federal tax returns.

Spring term classes begin. Financial Aid is disbursed to eligible students beginning on the first day of classes.
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) via the internet as soon as possible after January 1 (www.fafsa.ed.gov). The FAFSA takes about 4-8 weeks to be processed by the federal processor before USA receives the information.
April The Financial Aid Office will begin reviewing financial aid files for the upcoming fall term. Respond to all requests for information from USA in a timely manner.
May The Financial Aid Office will begin sending Award Letters for the upcoming fall semester to students who have completed their files with USA and have eligibility. Students may continue to apply for aid by completing the FAFSA after this month though aid may not be processed by the time fall payment is due.

Complete Electronic Direct Deposit forms for the summer semester. Forms for EDD only have to be submitted once. It is not necessary to re-enroll each semester provided your bank account information stays the same.
Late June Fall classes begin for 3rd and 4th year students.
July Complete Electronic Direct Deposit forms for the fall semester. Forms for EDD only have to be submitted once. It is not necessary to re-enroll each semester provided your bank account information stays the same.
Summer New USA students should complete the loan entrance counseling located on this site.
August Federal Perkins Loan borrowers sign promissory notes.

Federal Stafford Loan borrowers must perform loan entrance counseling (located on this site) if they have not already done so. It can be performed in the Financial Aid Office if you wish to use our computers.
Mid-August Orientation for 1st year students, Fall semester begins for 1st and 2nd year students.
Late-August Fall classes begin. Disbursement of financial aid funds to eligible students beginning on the first day of classes.
December Complete Electronic Direct Deposit forms for the spring semester. Forms for EDD only have to be submitted once. It is not necessary to re-enroll each semester provided your bank account information stays the same.
how is Financial Aid Awarded?
Data you provide on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be analyzed according to federal, state and institutional guidelines. A formula established by the United States Congress will be used to determine the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC number is used to determine Pell Grant eligibility for undergraduates. It is also used in an equation to determine your financial need (undergraduates and graduates).
Disbursement Information
Your Financial Aid will be applied to your USA student account and will officially 'pay' toward your institutional charges beginning one week before the first day of classes if you have met all outstanding requirements and met all eligibility requirements. All credit balances and refunds of financial aid are handled by the Office of Student Accounting.

The amount of financial aid you will receive will depend on your year in school. Classes MUST BE taken for credit and be required for your program and degree to count toward financial aid. Classes taken as audit will not count for financial aid. The amount of financial aid you receive may be different from that shown on your award letter.
Stafford Loan Borrowers
You must be enrolled at least half-time at the time loan disbursements are made to be eligible to receive loan funds. Loan counseling is required for new loans at USA before disbursement of any loan balances. Go to PAWS to see if you still need to complete that eligibility requirement. "Entrance" counseling is only required once when a student receives loan funds while attending USA. "Exit" counseling is required once each year for all student borrowers who withdraw, drop to less than half time, graduate, or do not return to USA. You can check PAWS online to see if you need to complete any loan exit counseling.
You have the right to decline receipt of a loan disbursement, or to cancel your loan entirely. Simply notify the Financial Aid Office if you wish to cancel a loan disbursement. Enrollment in less than half-time credits may cause cancellation of all loan disbursements for the remainder of the academic year and will be reinstated by request only. Cancellation of the first disbursement of a loan causes the entire loan to be canceled. As long as you remain eligible, you can request loans again in future terms.
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Academic Progress Brochure
Rights and Responsibilities
  • The names of organizations which accredit and license the University
  • The University’s programs, instruction, laboratories, physical facilities, and faculty
  • The cost of attending the University and its refund policy
  • The type of financial assistance offered by the University from federal, state, local, and private programs
  • Who the financial aid personnel are and the location of the Financial Aid Office
  • What the procedures and deadlines are for applying for financial aid
  • How the University selects its financial aid recipients
  • How the University determines financial need
  • How much financial need has been met
  • How financial aid is received
  • About each type of financial assistance offered. Information about all student loans offered
  • The kind of Work-Study jobs offered, hours, duties, rate, and frequency of pay
  • When and how financial aid awards are adjusted
  • About special facilities for the handicapped
  • The University’s Satisfactory Progress Policy.
Students have the responsibility to
  • Review and consider all information about the University before enrolling
  • Pay special attention to the application for financial aid, complete it accurately, submit it on time and to the right place
  • Know all deadlines for applying for aid and meet them
  • Provide all required documentation, corrections, and/or information requested by the Financial Aid Office
  • Notify the University of any information that has changed since the financial aid application was submitted
  • Read, understand, and keep copies of all forms
  • Repay any student loans borrowed
  • Perform an entrance and exit interview
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of a change in name, address, or enrollment status (half-time, full-time, three-quarter-time)
  • Satisfactorily perform the work agreed upon in a College Work-Study job
  • Understand the University’s refund policy.
Entrance Interview
It is a federal government requirement that students complete a student loan entrance counseling session prior to obtaining a Federal Stafford student loan, and that they complete an exit interview prior to graduating or ceasing at least half-time attendance. The purpose of the session is to help you to understand your rights and obligations as a student loan borrower.

Financial aid can make a difference in your life. But with financial aid comes certain responsibilities. These student loan counseling sessions will prepare you for proper management of your student loan, helping you make the most of your higher education.

While taking the Entrance Interview, be sure that you DO NOT use the "forward" and "back" buttons on your browser. If there seems to be a problem with the loading of a web page press the "stop" and then the "refresh" buttons and let it load the page again.

Conduct your Entrance Interview

Terms Used
Mouse over unfamiliar terms for an explanation.

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