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Receiving Your Money
How much aid will I get?
The information you provide on your FAFSA as well as other information submitted to our office will allow us to determine your eligibility. Funding availability, federal regulations, and cost of education (budget) will also be considered.
How much can I earn and still be eligible for financial aid?
The Department of Education considers many factors in determining your eligibility. So, it's almost impossible to answer this question without submitting the FAFSA and completing the review process. You can however see an estimate of whether or not you might receive a Pell Grant based on your particular circumstances at FASFA (click on "Determine My Eligibility"). Remember, though, that the Pell Grant is not the only source of financial aid. So even if it appears you aren't eligible for the Pell Grant, you may be eligible for other types of aid.
How do I get my money?
Most financial aid funds are credited to your student account. After tuition, fees, and other institutional charges are deducted. Any remaining funds will be issued to you by the Office of Student Accounting via direct deposit or in a check mailed to your address on record. You may check your address on PAWS.
When are financial aid refunds given to students?
The Office of Student Accounting handles all refunding of financial aid to students. You can check PAWS for that information or contact the Office of Student Accounting at studentaccounting@usouthal.edu.
How much will I get?
The amount of financial aid disbursed is based on your enrollment at 6:00 p.m. on the third day of classes. Classes must be taken for credit to count toward financial aid. Classes taken as audit will not be covered by financial aid. Summer term is disbursed at 6:00 pm on the 3rd day of the term.
Why didn't I get a financial aid refund?
  • Is your address correct? You can check PAWS to view or change your address.
  • If you enrolled in direct deposit, is your bank account accurate?
  • Do you have outstanding requirements for your financial aid file? You can check PAWS.
  • Did you complete entrance and/or exit counseling for your student loan? You can check PAWS.
  • Did you e-sign your promissory note to your lender? You should contact your lender if you're not certain or check Sallie Mae Online®.
  • Are you in enough credits for your financial aid to disburse? Check requirements on PAWS.
  • Is your financial aid disbursement more than your tuition, fees, and other institutional charges?
How many hours must I take to be eligible for student loan funds?
You must enroll at least half-time to receive student loan funds. As an undergraduate student, that is 6 hours and for a graduate student, that is 3 hours. The classes you take must be required for your declared program and major.
Are there any fees charged on a student loan?
Yes. Your lender will charge you 2% in origination and guarantee fees.
Where can I get more general information about the Federal Family Educational Loans (FFELP)?
Go to FinAid.org for more information regarding loan programs.
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