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Frequently Asked Questions


What are FICA Taxes?
What does the IRS Announcement mean to me?
3. As an intern, resident or fellow, am I eligible for a FICA tax refund pursuant to the claims filed by USA?
4. As an intern, resident or clinical fellow, for what time periods am I entitled to a FICA tax refund under the claims filed by USA?
5. Is there a cost to me for consenting to having USA obtain my share of FICA taxes paid with respect to my residency?
6. Can I still apply for a FICA tax refund for tax periods prior to April 1, 2005?


What was the basis for these medical resident FICA tax refund claims?
What wages paid to residents or clinical fellows are not eligible for the refund?
9. Will FICA taxes be withheld from resident and clinical fellow paychecks going forward?
10. Who should I contact with any questions?
11. What should I do if I move while the refund process is still ongoing?
12. Once the IRS provides the FICA tax refund, when can I expect to receive my share of any refund?
13. If I do receive a FICA tax refund, do I need to pay taxes on it?
14. If I do receive a FICA tax refund, how does this affect my eligibility for and calculation of social security benefits?
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