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Regularly Offered Gender Studies Courses

For course approval and advising, please contact the Director of Gender Studies  
Gender Studies Courses  

Core Courses
GS 101 Introduction to Gender Studies
GS 290 Gender Studies Lecture Seminar (1 credit)
GS 490 Gender Studies Special Topics
GS 494 Directed Studies
GS 496 Internship


Humanities Courses
AFR 101 Introduction to African-American Studies
EH 207 Literature and Gender
EH 480 Studies in Gender and Literature
LG 305 Studies in Gender and Writing

Frequent offerings in approved special topics.


Social Science Courses
AN 355 Gender and Anthropology
CA 315 Gender and Communication
CJ 372 Gender & Criminal Justice
HY 343 Witchcraft and Magic in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HY 377 African American Experiences
HY 485 History of American Feminist Movements
PSC 345 Women & Politics
PSY 470 Psychology of Gender
SY 200 Social Factors in Sexual Behavior
SY 220 Marriage and the Family
SY 418 Advanced Family Studies
SY 428 Gender and Society


Natural Science Course
BLY 215 Human Genetics


Other Courses
AIS 315 Women's Issues in the Workplace and Community
AIS 320 Cultural Diversity
CA 315 Gender and Communication
HS 463 Human Sexuality: Some Health Education Perspectives

Fine Arts Course
ARH 492 Women in Art

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