Advising in Geography

The Earth Sciences Department requires all majors to meet with their advisor before registration each semester. Students are assigned to a faculty advisor when they enter the department. If for any reason the student wishes to change advisors, they need only to see the department chairperson.

The purpose of advising is to help the student stay "on track" toward a timely graduation and to make them aware of upcoming classes and chanes in requirements that might affect their choice of courses. Students need to know what classes they can expect to be available each semester, and an advisor has updated information on the two year rotation schedule. Advisors can also provide valuable help in meeting the general education requirements and with helping a student choose and complete an appropriate minor.

The requirements for a major in geography and for a minor in geography are included on this site. Click here to view or print a sample departmental advising sheet for general education requirements and for geography major requirements.

Remember, your advisor is there to help you when you have questions or problems. Please contact him/her by telephone or email to make an appointment.

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