Dr. Doug Haywick


Dr Doug Haywick
Associate Professor of Geology

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Education: B.S. (Honours), McMaster University - Canada; M.S., Memorial University of Newfoundland - Canada;  Ph.D., James Cook University  - Australia 

Interests: I am a sedimentologist who is presently studying estuarine sedimentation, sedimentary petrography and carbonate diagenesis. At present, my study sites include the Alabama Gulf Coast, central Alabama (Mesozoic limestones), northern Alabama (Paleozoic Limestones) and eastern North Island, New Zealand. I am a strong advocate of undergraduate research and currently sponsor student research projects throughout Alabama. I am also interested in K-12 geological education, geoarchaeology and the influence of geological controls in wine manufacturing. The latter activity requires me to conduct extensive field testing. 


Department of Earth Sciences