GIS Certificate Required Classes

Gainful Employment: Consumer Information (coming soon)

GEO 331** Computer Graphs and Maps
GEO 102
GY/GEO332** Remote Sensing I
GEO 102
GY/GEO 442 Remote Sensing II
GEO 332*
GY/GEO 460 Introduction to GIS
GEO 331*
GY/GEO 461 GIS Applications-Environment
GEO 460*
GEO 462 GIS Applications-Business/Social
GEO 460*

*denotes that a grade of "B" or better in pre-requisite class is required
**GEO 331 & GEO 332 can be taken in either order or simultaneously

GIS Certificate recipients
Dr. Glenn Sebastian, Tim Witt, Stuart Hooper, and Robert Greene

Department of Earth Sciences