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Estimated Cost

 USA (6 credit hours) tuition:

In-state: $1,662 (6 hr. @ $277/hr.)

Out-of-state: $3,324 (6 hr. @ $554/hr.) 
 Course Fee (including deposit): $1400 
TOTAL (in-state):  $3,062

NOTE: all students must present proof of insurance coverage for May - June 2014 by April 1, 2014 (turn in with fee).


   Course Prerequisites
Igneous & Met. Petrology (GY303) ,  Sed. Petrology (GY402), Structural Geology (GY403), First Aid (HS170 or Red Cross equivalent); or permission of instructor

Other Requirements

1.      Proof of Medical Insurance for May-June 2014 (photocopied Medical ID card is sufficient)

2.      Students must sign a liability release for access to Murchison Ranch while in Texas (forms turned into Instructor)

3.      See GY480 course syallabus for detailed equipment/tools list


Important 2014 Dates 

Deadline for $200 deposit: March 3, 2014
Deadline for $1200 remainder of fee: April 1, 2014

Mobile to Cheaha State Park, AL: May 12, 2014
Mobile to Inks Lake S.P.,TX : May 21
Arrive in Caprock Canyon S.P. TX: May 31
Arrive in Taos,  NM: June 1
Vans arrive back in Mobile: June 13
All projects due by: June 11


Accommodations & Camping

May 12-18, 2014

Cheaha State Park, AL

(tent camping)


May 19-20, 2014

Break in Mobile


May 21 - May 30, 2014
Inks Lake State Park, Texas
(tent camping)  (Images)

Meals @ Inks Lake (Dinner on weekdays): Hoover Valley Cafe

May 31, Cap Rocks Canyon TX State Park (tent camping) (Images)

June 1- June 6, 2014: Taos Junction  Campground @ Orilla Verde Recreation Site (BLM) NM (tent camping)

Meals @ Rio Bravo (Dinner on weekdays): Safeway Deli in Taos NM

June 7 - June 11
Austing Haus B&B and Columbine Inn, Taos Ski Valley (Includes 3 meals per day)

  June 12: depart Taos Ski Valley for Burnet, TX (motel stay)

June 13: depart for Mobile, AL

Optional post-GY480 Trip: June 12- June 16
North Rim Grand Canyon National Park 
 (tent camping site)

Google links to Campsites

(use Google Earth to load files)

Field Geology Gear Links

REI  Outfitters: Camping Gear, GPS, Backpacks, Outdoor Clothing

Campmor Outfitters: Camping Gear, Outdoor Clothing, Lanterns, Headlamps

Forestry Suppliers, Inc.: Good source for rock picks, GPS, Drafting supplies, Pocket transit, Notebooks, First Aid kits, Insect repellents.

Textbook (Compton, 1985, Geology in the Field)

Pocket Transit (Brunton Compass; Azimuth International is best)

Field Notebook (select Transit style)

Rock Pick (Rock hammer)

GPS (Same type used by Earth Sciences Dept)

Mountain Press Publishing: source of Roadside Geology book series. Informative reading for those long van rides, and a reference for regional geology information useful in written reports.

NOTE: the above gear sources are not endorsed by the University of South Alabama or the instructor. These are simply sources discovered by the instructor or previous students that have had good value and service. Students may find better “bang for the buck” at other sites.

GY480 Guidelines and Forms


1. Geologic Map and Cross-section Requirements.

2. Total Station checklist.

3. 1:12,000 Geologic Mapping checklist.

4. Lithologic description checklist.

5. Equal-area stereographic net and Counting net.

6. Van passenger list.

7. Murchison Release Form

See the course syllabus  for equipment requirements and an outline of course projects: GY480 Course Syllabus


Check out the GY480 Field Geology Virtual Tour for a preview of the Geology

*Deposits and fees are payable to the Department of Earth Sciences

Please contact me at dallison@southalabama.edufor more information!


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