43rd Annual Binghamton
Geomorphology Symposium

The Field Tradition in Geomorphology
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
September 21-23, 2012

Invited Presenters

The following authors will present their work at this year’s BGS.

Oral Presentations
Ellen Wohl The Complexity of the Real in the Context of the Field Tradition in Geomorphology
Mike Church Shrinking the view: knowing more and more about less and less
Josh Roering Why airborne lidar makes better field geomorphologists
Jack Vitek Geomorphology: Perspectives on Observation, History, and the Field Tradition
Carol Harden Geomorphology in context: Dispatches from the Field
Kimberly Meitzen Application of geomorphic, hydrologic, and field data for quantifying environmental flows in North Carolina
Poster Presentations
Markus Stoffel Mass movements and tree rings: a review of dendrogeomorphic dating and interpretation
Ron Dorn The role of field work in weathering research: case studies from the fringe
Doug Sherman Field experiments in Unconstrained, Prototype Wind Tunnels
Frank Magilligan Floods, floodplains, and the fluvial signature of extreme events
Dave Montgomery Faith, Field and Theory: The Early Days of Geomorphology
Dave Butler Fieldwork - The Imperative Ingredient in Mountain Geomorphology
Herve Piegay Monitoring of pilot sediment reintroduction within the Rhine River downstream from Kembs dam : feedbacks from repeated field measures and high resolution imagery.
Arjun Heimsath Quantifying Hillslope Rates and Processes Using an Interdisciplinary, Field-Based Approach
Yvonne Martin Time and Again: Fire, Tree Root Decay and Slope Stability
Ben Crosby Extending the Field Season: Employing environmental sensors to capture hillslope-channel coupling in Arctic Alaska
Judy Haschenburger Tracing 2500 river clasts: insights from a long-term field experiment




Conference organizers:

Carl J. Legleiter
University of Wyoming

Richard A. Marston
Kansas State University





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