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Spring 2012:
GEO 102
GEO/GY 310
GEO 412

GEO 412 Spring 2012

Map to help study for the Final Exam - note the two lines of latitude and the provinces and sections they intersect.

Course Syllabus and Schedule (with corrected due dates and topics)
Powerpoints Reading list

Basic Concepts

Volcanoes and weathering

Formation of North American continent

Ice Ages

Arctic Coastal Plain

Canadian Shield

Appalachian Mountains and Plateaus

Coastal Plain

Middle Lands

Great Plains

Rocky Mountains

Columbia Plateau

Colorado Plateaus

Basin and Range

Pacific Border - last lecture


Orme - Chapter 1

Hunt - Chapter 3

Chapter 13

Periglacial Features

Arctic Canada (access using school computer to download)

Appalachian overview

Great Plains

Columbia Plateau


List of articles on North American Physiography (will be updated throughout semester)

List of physical geography journals

Plagarism Tutorial

Putting Figures in Tables



Online introductory textbook and glossary

Geology by lightplane website - cool aerial photos

Movement of the continents

Physiographic divisions of Alaska

Paleogeography and Geologic Evolution of North America

Writing websites

Chicago Manual of Style - Online help for citing other people's works, use author-date system

Plagarism for Students

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