Arts and Sciences students must be advised yearly to avoid registration blocks. In Geology, we STRONGLY encourage our students to be advised before the start of each semester. The advising period for each semester is published through the University of South Alabama well in advance, so there should be no reason to miss advising at any time. For your convenience, you may contact your Geology advisor through email. Don't know who that is? Contact Ms. Sherall Cornwall in the office for help.

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Current Geology Advisors (and some of their responsibilities)

Dr. David Allison (Petrology, Structural Geology, Geomorphology)
Dr. Murlene Clark (Paleontology, Stratigraphy)
Dr. Doug Haywick (Sedimentology, Environmental Geology, Mineralogy)
Mr. Jim Connors (Hydrology, Geoscience Education)
Dr. Mimi Fearn (Department Chair, Paleoecology)

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