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NOTE: These files are meant to augment the notes you took during the lectures, but they are notsi meant to be a substitute. You should also be aware that they are MY PERSONAL notes and as such, they are not to be used by anyone without my express permission. If you are taking my GY 111 class, you have that permission. Everyone else needs to contact me first. Also be advised that these notes probably contain glaring errors and typos. Use them at your own risk! Occasionally I make use of materials from other sources (primarily scientific publications). I have referenced these sources as accurately as posble.

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Lecture Notes -Web lecture notes available - PowerPoint image notes available when highlighted
GY 11
1 Does NOT require a textbook in Haywick's class.
See the syllabus for details
1) Geocareers
17) Groundwater, Hydrogeology

2) Intro to Plate Tectonics

18) Geological Time
3) The Rock Cycle
19) Bedding and Attitude
4) Basic Mineral Chemistry
20) Rock Deformation
5) Crystal Chemistry
21) Folds
22) Lecture Test Two (Nov 1)
6) Volcanism 1
23) Faults
7) Volcanism 2
24) Earthquakes
8) Bowen's Reaction Series
25) Agents of Metamorphism
9) Extrusive Igneous Rocks
26) Regional Metamorphism
10) Intrusive Igneous Rocks
11) Lecture Test One (Sept 25)
27) Contact Metamorphism

12) Weathering, Erosion and Soil

28) Thanksgiving Holiday
29) Metamophic Facies
13) Sediment Classification
14) Alluvial Fans, Rivers, Deltas

30) Mountain building 1
31) Appalachian Mountains
15) Fall Break
32) Final exam Preparation
16) Beaches, Reefs, Shelves
Lecture Test 3: 10:30AM to12:30PM
Tuesday December 13, 2011
Lecture Test 1 Material
Lecture Test 2 Material
Lecture Test 3 Material

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