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Gerontology Program
Graduate Courses for Gerontology
Adult Interdisciplinary Studies Courses
AIS 401 Adults in Society 3 cr
An interdisciplinary study of the process of adult development focusing on cultural, gender, and individual differences.
Counselor Education Courses
CED 564 Gerontological Counseling 3 cr
Emphasis is on a basic knowledge of the theories, principles, and techniques of counseling elderly individuals, couples, and their families. Includes such topics as: assessment, ethical and cultural issues, model programs, and current research in gerontological counseling.
Gerontology Courses
GRN 490 Special Topics 3 cr
This course is designated for upper division students and graduate students, particularly those pursuing studies for the Certificate in Gerontology. The course content focuses on interdisciplinary treatments on various topics on aging. (Example: Trends and Issues in Gerontology). This course does not replace any course in a single discipline.
GRN 494 Directed Studies 1-3 cr
Under the guidance of a faculty member, the student will pursue directed research or readings of an approved topic in Gerontology. May be repeated as long as the topic changes, to maximum of six semester hours.
Sociology Courses
SY 435 African-American Health and Aging 3 cr
This course is designed to give students an overview of important health and aging issues among African-Americans. This course will include scientific data related to health and disease among African-Americans and discussion of contemporary views on an array of health conditions affecting this population. The latter half of this course will focus on research dealing with health, economic, and social status of the African-American elderly.
SY 523 Aging in American Society 3 cr
The role of the elderly in today's society, problems, adaptability, crises, functions. Comparisons with youth and working adults. Survey of social programs and resources in formal and informal support networks. GRN 596 Graduate Internship: Gerontology 3 or 6 cr. The course is to provide a practicum experience in gerontology in the student's selected setting. The course emphasis is on the experiential learning process and outcomes. The graduate student will apply theoretical concepts to leadership roles, conducting research and influencing social and health care policies related to aging and intergenerational relationships. Interns will meet as a group three times during the semester for orientation, professional development, and evaluation activities. Prerequisites: Completion of at least 2 graduate courses in Gerontology.
SY 572 Sociology of Aging and the Family 3 cr
The class focuses on sociological theories of family and aging and the linkages of families and their aging members with organizations that deliver medical and social services, with government bureaucracies, the legal system, corporations and businesses, and religious organizations.
Health Sciences Nursing Courses
HSC 457 Gerontological Concepts 3 cr
Focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to meeting the diverse needs of the aging population. Physiological, psychological, and sociocultural aspects of aging are explored. Emphasis is on attitudes toward the elderly, health programs for older Americans, health policy, ethical/legal issues, and the needs of family caregivers. Elective.
HSC 524 Death and Dying 3 cr
Provides the student an opportunity to analyze theories, concepts, socioethical issues, and research related to dying and death. Focus is on assisting students to explore their feelings regarding death as well as developing self-awareness of the feelings of patients and families. Emphasis is on the acceptance of the process of mourning and death and applicable nursing interventions. Content includes the role of leaders as a facilitator of professional groups during bereavement experiences. Elective.
HSC 550 Ethical Considerations in the Care of the Aging 3 cr
Interdisciplinary course on a critical investigation of ethical issues affecting the elderly and on application of principles, concepts, theories, and decision models as a framework for ethical decision-making. Elective.
Political Science Courses
PSC 581 Public Policy and Aging 3 cr
Examines government response to the growing number of older Americans. The course examines the policy process and focuses on such issues as retirement, pensions, health care, housing, social services, and intergenerational issues. Elder advocacy and the long term political consequences of demographic changes are also addressed.
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