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Gerontology Program
Writing Workshop Pre-Test
Before you begin the online writing workshop, please take a few moments to answer these questions about your academic experience and your interest in Gerontology. Your responses are important to help improve this workshop and other offerings of the USA Programs in Gerontology. You will not receive a grade. Answer the questions based on your own experience. Questions marked with an asterisk are required. Thank you.
1. *Please identify your ranking as a USA student
  Lower division undergraduate (freshman or sophomore)
Upper division (junior or senior)
No-degree undergraduate student
Beginning graduate student
Advanced graduate student
Non-degree graduate student
Not USA Student
2. *Please describe your race/ethnicity:   
3. *What is your age?
*What is your gender? Male      Female
5. How did you first learn about courses in Gerontology at USA?
  USA Bulletin
USA Schedule of Courses for this term
Search Engine
Referral/Link from another site
Vanguard Ad
Word-of-mouth from other students
Recommendation from an instructor
Other (please specify)
6. How many Gerontology courses have you had? (Include any course on aging or intergenerational relationships, taken at USA or any other college or university).
  0        1        2        3        4        5 or more
7. Which of the following best describes your interest in Gerontology?
Taking this course only because it fit my schedule or was convenient
Interested in the topic of this course, but not interested in additional courses in Gerontology
Plan to take additional Gerontology course, but not pursue the Certificate or Minor
Pursuing the Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology
Pursuing the Interdisciplinary Minor in Gerontology
Pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology
No Interest
8. Where are you located?
  Mobile County, AL
Baldwin County, AL
Other Alabama location
Other (please specify)
9. Define “Gerontology” and discuss the elements of the field as taught in the courses you have taken at USA, (Required for GRN students)
10. Discuss two major theories in Gerontology, citing examples that illustrate applications of the theories to research or program development in that field. (Required for GRN students)
11. If you are not a gerontology major, What do you think are the major issues facing older people today? Discuss briefly. (Required for non-GRN students)
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