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The purpose of Unity is to provide a student-run, community-based organization open to all persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and to provide a confidential community support system at the University of South Alabama and surrounding areas.


The Club was first recognized by the University on December 18, 1991 through the Office of Student Activities. Filing under the name GLSA [Gay & Lesbian Student Association ] in the following Spring Term April 1992 the group took a van to Washington D.C. to be apart of the March on Washington for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Equal Rights. Then in Winter Quarter 1993 it was changed to the GLBA [Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance] to include the bisexual community. changed to the ASD [Alliance for Sexual Diversity] in February 1998 after the law suit with USA and the State General Attorneys' office in April of the pervious year [1997]. The name was then changed back to include transgender in January of 2006 to the GLBTA  [Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Alliance] . In Spring 2007 the group was then divided due to personal issues into the GLBTA and GSA [Gay/Straight Alliance]. Two years later the GSA in 2009 changed their name to Q & A [Queers and Allies]. The GLBTA fell into inactive status from Fall 2008 to Summer 2010.GLBTA and Q & A then in Spring of 2011 redesigned the purpose of the clubs  forming Spectrum and Unity. Each club would function under the idea of Activism (Spectrum) and Community Support (Unity).


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