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Winner of Christianity Today's 2009 annual book award for History/Biography: "Turner's neutrality and great technical chops are exactly what this subject needed. Yet this is no dry account: He possesses both an unerring ear for the apt quote and a keen eye for the revealing scene. With these tools, Turner creates a fascinating window into the vibrant and angular culture of Crusade and the churning activism of (especially) 1960s and '70s American evangelicals."

"...indispensable" -- John Wilson, Christianity Today

"Turner's chronological account is a thought-provoking glimpse into the trajectory of modern evangelicalism as it moved toward its current involvement in national politics, opposition to abortion and gay marriage, and explosive growth in developing countries." -- Publisher's Weekly

"it is possible that no single individual in the 20th century worked harder to reach more people with the Gospel message than Bill bright ... John Turner's new book puts his life and career center stage for all to see." -- Stephen H. Webb, Books & Culture

"[An] intelligently contextualized biography. . . . Turner has done a wonderful job of bringing Bill Bright out of the shadow of Billy Graham and thereby greatly enhancing our understanding of the new evangelicalism."
-- The Journal of American History

"Crisply written and well-crafted. . . . An important contribution to a new generation of evangelical historiography."
-- Journal of Southern History