Professor Rebecca R. Williams

University of South Alabama

Department of History

Term Lists - HY364

Pre-Islamic Arabia
Pre-Islamic Arab Kingdoms and the Hijaz

Muhammad and the Rise of Islam
Muhammad and the Qur'an
The Rashidun - Abu Bakr and Umar
The Rashidun - Umar continued and Uthman
The Rashidun - Ali
'Ali and the Sunni/Shi'a Split
The Religion of Islam - Sira
The 'Umayyad Dynasty - Beginnings
The 'Umayyad Dynasty - 'Abd al-Malik and al-Hajjaj
The Religion of Islam - Hadith
The 'Umayyad Dynasty - Revolution and Downfall
The Religion of Islam - Religious History
The 'Abbasids - A New Dynasty
The 'Abbasids - State and Society
The 'Abbasids - Science, Literature, and Education
The Religion of Islam - Tafsir
The 'Abbasids - Fine Arts, Religious Sects, and the Inquisition
The Fatimids - Politics
The Religion of Islam - Theology and Philosophy
The Fatimids - Society and Culture
Muslim Spain
The Religion of Islam - Law and Ritual
A Caliph in Spain and Muslim Sicily
The Seljuqs
The Religion of Islam - Sufism
Crusades - The Arab Perspective I
Crusades - The Arab Perspective II
Crusades - The Arab Perspective III
Crusades - The Arab Perspective IV
Crusades - The Arab Perspective V
Military and Cultural Contacts - East and West
Timurids and Ottomans