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Senior Honors Theses 2013-2014

Tyler Reed Bell
Department of Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Jack Shelley-Tremblay
Title: Carbohydrate Cravings Uniquely Predict Cognitive Impairment in Fibromyalgia

Mary Bishop
College of Education
Title: Mardi Gras: The Pros and Cons of a Community Festival
Mentor: Paige Vitulli

Mercy Blalock
Dept: Biomedical Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Robin Mockett
Title: Aggregation of Autofluorescent Material in the Nervous System of Drosophila melanogaster as a Function of Age

Cole, Amber

Andy Conway
Title: Tossed Aside: Tragedy on the Dauphin Island Bridge
Department: English
Mentor: Dr. Sue B. Walker

Cody Davis
Department of Chemistry
Mentor: Dr. Forbes
Title: Sulfur Ylides as Chemoselective Methylene Transfer Agents

Glenn, Caitlin

Codey Henderson
Dept: Chemistry
Mentor: Dr. Alexandra Stenson
Title: Multi-Dimensional High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Fractionation of Suwannee River Fulvic Acid

Clarissa L. Hernandez
Dept: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Mentor: Silas Leavesley
Title: Designing a hyperspectral imaging and analysis approach for differentiating cancerous and noncancerous colonic lesions

Justin Jung
Mentor Dr Mike Lin
Dept: BMD – Physiology
Title: Estrogen Regulation of Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity

Lunsford Chase

Mohluddin Imran

Sana Ozair
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health Professions
Mentor: Dr. Spector
Title: The Role of the OmpR Response Regulator in the Generation of a Maximal Starvation-Stress Response (SSR) in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium

Taylor Price
Dept: Physical Therapy
Mentor: Dr. Gubler
Title: A Training Model for the Reduction of Non-Contact ACL Injuries in Female Athletes

Sander Jacob
Department: Psychology and Physical Therapy
Title: Dynamic Control of Posture during a psychological stressor
Mentor: Dr. Jack Shelley-Tremblay

Stagner Alyssa

Amy Traylor
Title: Analysis of Health-Care Availability and Quality for the Hispanic Population in Alabama
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Allen Perkins.

Tygielski, Christina

Surabhi Vinod
Project Title: Effect of limited English Proficiency on Children's Speech Recognition Skills
Mentor: Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon
Department: Speech Pathology and Audiology

Youngpeter Jennifer

Zimlich T Kyle

Senior Honors Theses 2012-2013

Name: Grant DeFrancisco

Title: The Cult of Personality's Role in the end of Fascist Regimes

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Rogers

Department of History

Name: Mihika Batavis

Thesis Title: Effects of Secondhand Smoke on the Central Auditory System

Mentor: Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon

Department: Audiology and Speech Pathology

Name: Arjun Jadhav
Thesis: Effects of Anxiety on Postural Stability
Mentor: Dr. Shelley-Tremblay

Department: Psychology

Name: Josephine Baumgarten

Thesis Title: The Role of the Putative Diguanylate Cyclases GcpD and GcpF in Generating a Maximal Starvation-Stress Response (SSR) in *Salmonella enterica *Serovar Typhimurium

Mentor: Dr. Spector

Department: BMD

Name: Kristen Blosser

Title: Identity as Conceived by Latin America

Mentor: Dr. Isabel Z. Brown

Dept: Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literature

Name: Amanda Brewton

Thesis Title: "The Space Between: Human Perceptions of Graffiti"

Advisor Name: Paige Vitulli

Department: Education

Name: Parker S. Chastain

Thesis Title: Effects of Exercise on B2-Adrenergic Receptors Regulation in the Asthmatic Lung.

Mentor: Dr. Kari Dugger

Department: BMD

Name: Aislinn Colbert Clements

Thesis title  "A Comparison of Two Nineteenth Century American Cultures using Pottery Analysis."

Mentor Dr. Greg Waselkov

Anthropology department

Name: Chelsey David

Title: Capacity and Balayage Problems in Potential Theory

Mentor: Dr. David Benko

Department of mathematics and statistics

Name: Elizabeth Ezell

Title: MicroRNA-Mediated Inhibition of Breast Tumor Cell Invasion by Sulindac

Mentor: Dr. Yaguang Xi

BMD & USA Mitchell Cancer Institute

Name: Robert Fornof

Mentor: Dr. Michael V Doran

Title : "Using Art to Increase Acceptance of Computer Science "

School of Computing

Name: Bailey Hammond

Mentor: Dr. Robert Coleman.

Titled "Discovering the South Through Literature."

Dept: English and Secondary Education,

Name: Jenna Hover

Thesis title: Fluid Transport Properties of Porcine Intestinal Epithelia

Mentor:  Dr. Steve Ballard

Dept of Biomedical Sciences

Name: Jake Howell

Title: "The effects of crude oil on molting in three crustacean species: the grass shrimp, *Palaemonetes pugio*, the blue crab, *Callinectes sapidus,* and the barnacle, *Balanus eburneus*."

Mentor: Dr. John Freeman

Dept: Biology

NameL Cari Hurley

Mentor: Dr. Gerthoffer


Dept: BMD

Name: Sandra Huynh

Thesis title: Phenotypic variance and condition dependence of permanent and temporary sexually selected traits in the Gulf pipefish

Mentor: Dr. Charlyn Partridge, Dr. Anne Boettcher

Department: Biology

Name: Maelynn La

Mentor: Dr. W. Matthew Reichert

Title: Application of Ionic Liquids in Biopolymer Processing: Synthesis of a New Ionic Liquid Catalyst and Its Effectiveness in the Depolymerization of Chitin

Department: Chemistry.

Name: Allia Martinez

Thesis: The Role of the Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor, GefA, in *Aspergillusfumigatus* Growth and Cell Wall Integrity.

Mentor: Dr. Jarrod Fortwendel

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Name Emily Melvin

Thesis title: "Out of Nowhere: Stories from the Wake of Disaster."

Mentor: Jesmyn Ward.

English Dept

Name: Shey Music

Name: Eva Osilla

Title: Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON-IMAC) Analysis in Suwannee River Fulvic Acid Natural Organic Matter (SRFA-Nom) Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Mentor: Dr. Alexandra Stenson

Department: Chemistry

Name: Bridget Pardue

Thesis title "Implications of Adversary Thinking for Information Security, Training, and


Mentor Dr. Jeffrey P. Landry

School of Computing

Name: Umair Savani

Thesis title: Role of the *dksA* gene in the starvation-stress response o*f

**Salmonella enterica* serovar Typhimurium.

Mentor: Dr Michael Spector


Name: Amber Simmons

Title: Autofluorescence of Lipofuscin in Drosophila melanogaster

Mentor: Dr. Robin Mockett

Biomedical Sciences

Name: Kathleen Strunk

Mentor: Dr. Michael Spector

Thesis Title: The role of the pSLT virulence plasmid of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium in the generation of a maximal C-starvation-inducible cross-resistance to environmental stresses

Department: Biomedical Sciences

Name: Julia Sunde

Mentor: Dr. Shelley Bradford

Title: Stretch for Success – Impact on Freshmen Math Scores

Dept: Health Educ

Senior Honors Theses 2011-2012

Kamil Arif
Thesis Title: Enabling Cholesterol Metabolism in Macrophages (title is still somewhat tentative)
Mentor: Dr. Honkanen
Department: USA: College of Medicine, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Steven Arnold
Mentor: Dr. David Battiste
Department: Chemistry
We are researching stereoselective methods to create trimedlure in the chemistry lab, trimedlure being an organic compound that is used as a fruit fly pheromone.

Chris Buchanan
Thesis title: "Measurement of B Meson Properties at the BABAR Experiment"
Department: Physics
Mentor: Dr. Romulus Godang

Micah Crenshaw
Mentor is Dr. Elizabeth Richards
Art Dept under Art History

Jessica Eaton
College of Education.
Mentor Dr. Rebecca Giles.

Connor Favreau
Mentor: Dr. T. Allan Hillman
"A Christian Existentialist Approach to Euthyphro's Dilemma"
Philosophy Department

Erik Gabriel
"Confucianism and its Impact on Japanese Culture"
Mentor: Dr. Harry Miller
History Department

Lauren Gessner
Title of my Honors Thesis: More than Just a Pretty Face? An Analysis of Adolescents’ Perceptions of Beauty Pageants
Mentor: Dr. Corina Schulze
Dept of Political Science/Criminal Justice

Megan Heatherly
Thesis title: "Humanizing or Harmful? Representation of Immigrants in Spanish Cinema"
Mentor: Dr. Zoya Khan
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Eunice Jacob
Title: The role of STM1344 and STM1987 gene products in the starvation-stress response in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium.
Mentor: Michael P. Spector
Department: Biomedical Sciences

Mary Jester
Mentor: Diane Gibbs
Department of Visual Arts

Sid King
Title: Potential for Atmospheric Loading of Benzene from Oil Spills.
Mentor: Dr. Jim Connors

Stuart King
Title: "Approaches to Political Leadership and the Character of American Individualism during the Great Depression."
Mentor Dr. Ethan Fishman
Department of Political Science

Trisha Koger
Mentor: Daniel Wildberger
Department of Visual Arts

Dustin Mouret
Title: Working title... Hitler's Playground: Nazi Influence on the 1936 Olympics.
Mentor: Dr. Dan Rogers
Department: History

Matt Matulich
Title: Targeting of cAMP-Specific Phosphodiesterases in Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells Determines Intracellular cAMP Gradients
Mentor: Diego Alvarez
Dept: Department of Internal Medicine, Center for Lung Biology

Nicole Novotny
Title: "Separation and Simplification of a Complex Humic Mixture."
Mentor Dr. Stenson
Chemistry department

Sita Patel
Title: Parenting Stress Factors in Relation to Child's Initial Diagnosis of Behavior or Developmental Illness
Mentor: Bridget Hannahan
Department of Biomedical Sciences

Jordan Spidle.
Title: Clinical Significance of Chromosomal Microduplications and Microdeletions among Children with Developmental Disabilities
Mentor: Dr. Hanes Swingle
Department of Biomedical Sciences

Landon Sykora,
Title: "Studies of MRJ(S),"
Mentor: Dr. Rajeev Samant

Ben Theobold
Title: "The Role of Protein Phosphatase Type 4 in Sister Chromatid Cohesion"
Mentor: Dr. Richard E Honkanen
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dale Turner
Title - Pluralism and Health Care Reform.
Mentor Dr. Fishman
Political Science Department

Jake Walker
IEEE Robotic Competition
Mentor: Dr Peter Byrne
Dept of EE/CpE

Katherine Weller
Title:Roles of the STM2503 Encoded Cyclic Diguanylate Phosphodiesterase and STM1987 Encoded Putative Diguanylate Cyclase in the Starvation-Stress Response o Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium
Mentor: Dr. Spector
Dept: Biomedical Sciences

Completed Theses

Adams, Jr., John David, Biomedical Sciences, “The Effects of Helicobacter pylori Arginase on the Inflammatory Gene Expression of Gastric Epithelial Cells and Jurkat T-Lymphocytes.” Mentor: Dr. David McGee, Spring 2005

Amin, Sejal Rajendra, Biomedical Sciences, “Applications of Sulfur Ylide Technology.” Mentor: Dr. David Forbes, Spring 2006

Armstrong, Jennifer, Sport and Event Marketing, “The Implications of Community Events on City Attractiveness.” Mentor: Dr. Andy Cannon, Department of Marketing, Spring 2003.

Bean, Christie Jean, Biomedical Sciences. “Development of Sulfur Ylide Chemistry.” Mentor: Dr. David Forbes, Spring 2005.

Bhatty, Shaun Muhammad, Mathematics, “Mahler Measure and its Application to Topology.” Mentor: Dr. Susan Williams, Department of Mathematics, Spring 2004.

Bowden, Amy, Biology, “Development of an Assay for Measuring the Anti- bacterial Properties of Airway Surface Liquid.” Mentor: Dr. Stephen Ballard, Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, Spring 2003.

Brown, Anthony Kurt, Computer and Information Science, “Using Image Analysis and a Grid System to Detect Environmental Objects.” Mentor: Dr. Michael Doran, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Summer 2004.

Brown, Kathryn, Biomedical Sciences, “Microbe Analysis of Crystals Found in Intervertebral Disc Tissue.” Mentor: Dr. Allan Tucker, Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, Spring 2003.

Bunch, Daniel Lee, Economics and Finance. “Dividend Policy and Its Effect on Firm Value.” Mentor: Dr. Ross Dickens, Mitchell College of Business, Fall 2004.

Campbell, Justin, Biomedical Sciences, “Compartmentalization of Oxidant Production in Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells and Main Pulmonary Artery Endothelial Cells during Hypoxia.” Mentor: Dr. Mark N. Gillespie, Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Spring 2003.

Christopher, Derrick Andrew, Biomedical Sciences, “Modification of Specific Amino Acid Residues During Protein Oxidation.” Mentor: Dr. Julio Turrens, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2005.

DeAngelo, Jonathan J., Political Science, “What Factors Contribute to the Attitudes of Residents About Municipal Annexation?” Mentor: Dr. Samuel H. Fisher, Department of Political Science, Spring 2003.

Dowling, Deidre Lee, English. “MOTHERLY: A Collection of Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction on the Art of Motherhood.” Mentor: Dr. Sue Walker, Department of English, Fall 2002.

Dueitt, Elizabeth, Biomedical Sciences, “The Overlap of Two Separate Methods of Subclassifying ON Cells.” Mentor: Dr. Cindy Stanfield, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2003.

Farver, Reba Suzanne, Chemistry, “The Effect of Hydrogen Bonding in Ionic Liquids with Fluorinated Anions as Measured by 19F Chemical Shifts.” Mentor: Dr. James Davis, Department of Chemistry, Spring 2006.

Gautier, Christy Marie, Biology, “The Settlement and Prevalence of the Rhizocephalan Barnacle, Loxothylacus texanus, on its Crab Host, Callinectes sapidus.” Mentor: Dr. John O’Brien, Department of Biology, Spring 2003.

Golden, Joseph Blake, Biology, “Herbicides: Activity as a Function of Chirality.” Mentor: Dr. David Forbes, Department of Chemistry and Dr. Timothy Sherman, Department of Biology, Spring 2003.

Good, Russell Douglas, Chemistry, “Charge Transfer Transitions of Fulvenes in Solutions of Lithium Perchlorate-Diethylether.” Mentor: Dr. Greg Spyridis, Department of Chemistry, Fall 2005.

Goodloe, Sarah Rebecca, Foreign Language, “Modern Civil Religions in Three Historically Christian, Western and Eastern Nations.” Mentor: Dr. Melva Kearney, Department of Foreign Language, Spring 2006.

Gribben, Walter Blake, History, “The Development of U.S. Army Trauma Care in the Twentieth Century and Its Influence on the Development of U.S. Civilian Emergency Medical Services.” Mentor: Dr. Robert Houston, Department of History, Spring 2006.

Gupta, Nidhi, Biomedical Sciences, “The Factors Involved in Physician-Patient Communication.” Mentor: Dr. Nicole Flynn, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2005.

Hardin, Jr., Don Bradford, Business and Finance, “The Predictive Ability of the Constant Growth Dividend Discount Model.” Mentor: Dr. Ross Dickens, Department of Finance and Economics, Spring 2004.

Hashmi, Asma Irfan, Biomedical Sciences, “Abrupt and Gradual On and Off cells: Response to innocuous somatic stimuli.” Mentor: Dr. Cindy Stanfield, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2006.

Hernani, Jorel Basilio, Physical Therapy, “Falls and Fall Prevention: A Comparison Between a Manual Four Step Square Test and an Electronic Four Step Square Test.” Mentor: Dr. Dennis Fell, Department of Physical Therapy, Spring 2004.

Herr, Joel Austin, Computer and Information Science, “Use of the Spiral Model for Web Site Development.” Mentor: Dr. Michael Doran, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Spring 2003.

Hughes, Nicole, Special Education, “Exploring the Self-Concepts, Teacher Perception, and Academic Achievement of Gifted Girls in Grades Three, Four, and Five.” Mentor: Dr. Bettie Bullard, Department of Special Education, Summer 2004.

Kakati, Bobby Rupjyoti, Biomedical Sciences, “Amphipathic Cyclopeptides and their Interactions with Metal Ions.” Mentor: Maria Ngu-Schwemlein, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2005.

Khan, Abdul Mukhtadir, Political Science, “An Analysis of America’s Policies Towards the Middle East and the Muslim World that are Contributing to Anti-Americanism.” Mentor: Dr. Mir Zohair Husain, Department of Political Science, Spring 2004.

Lee, Jeanne, Biomedical Sciences. "Evolution of the Sl00 gene Family." Mentor: Dr. Danna Zimmer, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2002.

Marley, Candice Auger, English, “From Hornbooks to Hardbacks: The Evolution of Trends in Children’s Literature.” Dr. Annmarie Guzy, Department of English, Spring 2005.

McClendon, Hampton, History. “Economic Mobilization in World War II and America’s Rise to World Superpower.” Mentor: Dr. Robert Houston, Department of History, Fall 2003.

McNeill, III, James Ballard, Chemistry, “Effect of Bite Angle in Cyclopentadienyl Diphosphine Ruthenium Complexes on Binding Neutral Ligands.” Mentor: Dr. Norris Hoffman, Department of Chemistry, Spring 2005.

Mullins, Amanda Nicole, Sport and Event Marketing, “Influence of Stadium, Arena, and Bowl Game Naming Rights on the Stock Price of the Sponsoring Firm.” Mentor: Dr. James Cannon, Department of Marketing, Spring 2004.

Murphey, Lauren Leigh, English, “The Neglected, Connected Hemingway: An Analysis of Ten Neglected Hemingway Short Stories.” Mentor: Dr. Robert Coleman, Department of English, Spring 2004.

Nandi, Siddharta Prasad, Biology, “Expression of Phospholipid Hydro- peroxide Glutathione Peroxidase in Developing Oligodendrocytes and Other Cell Types Cultured from Neonatal Rat Brain.” Mentor: Dr. Anthony Gard, Department of Cell Biology and Neuro Science, College of Medicine, Spring 2003.

Nguyen, Anson Pham, Biomedical Sciences, “The Classification of Subpopulations of On, Off, and Neutral Cells in the Rostral Ventral Medulla by their Response to Air Puffs of Varying Intensities to Varying Locations.” Mentor: Dr. Cindy Stanfield, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2004.

Ott, Amy Nicole, Psychology, “Relationships Between Religiosity, Gender, and Adolescent Self-Esteem.” Mentor: Dr. Lisa Turner, Department of Psychology, Spring 2004.

Patrick, Mary, Biomedical Sciences, “Genetic Analysis of narU Gene Expression.” Mentor: Dr. Steve Spector, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2003.

Pigott, Andrew Louis, English and Foreign Language, “Ngritude: A Rhetoric of the Always and Already Silenced.” Dr. Susan McCready, Department of English, Spring 2004.

Rajendra, Rashmi Sajjan, Biomedical Sciences, “Echocardiographic and Electrocardiographic Studies in Owl Monkeys.” Mentor: Dr. Alan Brady, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2006.

Reddy, Vyshali Madadi, Biomedical Sciences, “A Look at Salt Concentrations in Airway Surface Liquid.” Mentor: Dr. Stephen Ballard, Department of Physiology, Spring 2004.

Rozelle, Jessica E., Biology, “Use of Gas Chromatography and Spectrophotometry for the Analysis of Carbohydrates in Fish Plasma.” Mentor: Dr. Anne Boettcher, Department of Biology, Spring 2003.

Shaw, Lauren Kay, Communication. "Faculty attitudes relating to the use of communication technology in the teaching process." Mentor: Dr. Steven Rockwell, Department of Communication, Spring 2002.

Sheikh, Sophia Shanintaj, Biomedical Sciences, “The Effects of Activated Serotonin 3 and Serotonin 2 Receptors on Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Tail-Flick Latency, and Neural Activity During Vagally Mediated Antinociception” Mentor: Dr. Cindy Stanfield, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2003.

Shuford, Jonathan David, Music, “Live, Loud, and Local: The Effect of Local and Independent Music on Format Radio.” Mentor: Dr. John Papastefan, Department of Music, Spring 2006.

Shugrue, John Douglas, Psychology, “The Behavioral and EEG Data Analyzing Stress in Golf Putting.” Mentor: Dr. Jack Shelley-Tremblay, Department of Psychology, Spring 2004.

Smith, Shannon Victoria, Biology, “Invasions of Native Habitats” by Imperata cylindrical, Lygodium japonicum, and Triadica sebiferea: A Preliminary Analysis.” Mentor: Dr. Kelly Major, Department of Biology, Spring 2006.

Smolinski, Amanda Leigh, Physical Therapy, “An Assessment of Factors Affecting Compliance with Physical Therapy Treatment Programs Among Pediatric Patients.” Mentor: Dr. Dennis Fell, Department of Physical Therapy, Spring 2005.

Spencer, Lesley Eura, English, “A Comparison of William Faulkner’s Absalom! Absalom! and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.” Mentor: Dr. Annmarie Guzy, Department of English, Spring 2005.

Srinivas, Gowri Shashi, Biomedical Sciences, “The Role of narU in the Starvation-Stress Response of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimuim.” Mentor: Dr. Michael Spector, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2005.

Stevens, Scott David, Criminal Justice, “Privacy Concerns in the Technological Age.” Mentor: Dr. Dennis Krystek, Department of Political Science, Spring 2003.

Syklawer, Erica Elaine, History, “An In-Depth Analysis of the Allegory with Venus and Cupid by Agnolo Bronzino and his Portrayal Syphilis.” Mentor: Dr. Janice Gandy, Department of History, Fall 2005.

Thierry, Iris Steele, Elementary Education, "Does an inclusive setting affect reading comprehension in learning disabled students." Mentor: Dr. Donna Power, Department of Elementary Education, Spring 2002.

Thomas, Sheena Marie, Biomedical Sciences, “The Effects of Shifts in Carbon-Source on the Activity of the Alternative Sigma Factor Encoded by the rpoE gene in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium.” Mentor: Dr. Michael Spector, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Spring 2004.

Timmerman, Lindsey Anne, Marine Biology, “Analysis of Nesting Activity of the Atlantic Loggerhead Sea Turtle Along Coastal Alabama from 1994-1999.” Mentor: Dr. David Nelson, Department of Biology, Spring 2004.

Traylor, Rachel Kristina, Chemistry, “Ligand-Binding Students in Nickel-Triad Fluorinated-Pincer Complexes Containing Diorganophosphinite Pendant Arms Using 19F and 31PNMR and ESI-ICR Infrared Multiphoton Dissociation.” Mentor: Dr. Norris Hoffman, Department of Chemistry, Spring 2006.

Veren, Daniel Braxton, Meteorology, “A 16-Year Climatology of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Motion and its Relationship to Tropical Cyclone Motion and its Relationship to Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Size Parameters.” Mentor: Dr. Sytske Kimball, Department of Meteorology, Spring 2005.

Zuzo, Amra. History. “The History of the Development of the Bosnian State.” Mentor: Dr. W. Robert Houston, Department of History, Summer 2004.


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