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When admitted into the University of South Alabama Honors Program, you become an instant member of an active and dynamic family. Itemized below is what we would consider some of the many advantages that exist for incoming students. The list was generated using excerpts of current members of the Honors program, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior status, when asked about what they enjoy about the University of South Alabama Honors Program since its inception in the Fall of 1999.

Honors Perks

Derrick ’02 Biomedical Sciences: “The Honors Program provides me with a new respect in all of my classes that I would not have otherwise. Once a teacher knows that you are in the Honors Program, he or she is willing to help with any problems that you might have. Being part of the Honors Program is like being part of an affluent family on campus.”

Help is ALWAYS one phone call or E-mail away.

You will work with and learn from enthusiastic Honors Program teachers.

Opportunity to develop personal relationships with the faculty which provides for potential high-impact reference letters.

Nidhi ’02 Political Science: “My family is really far away, so it is nice to have a home away from home type atmosphere.

You are instantly part of a group with similar interests.

Housing can be coordinated with other Honors students at your request.

Walter ’02 Computer Sciences: “I appreciate the Honors Program, of course, partially because of the benefits in the brochure: the scholarship, the special labs taught by professors, and the convenience of the newly-renovated Honors House. However, the intangibles are important as well. Without the Honors Program, I would have had a much more difficult time finding other students who share my interests (such as sacrificing a social life to study for three science classes).”

You will receive priority registration your freshman year.

All members, new and existing, are extremely active with intramural activities.

Rashmi ’02 Biomedical Sciences: “The honors program has helped me to become a well-rounded person by enabling me to participate in community service projects, campus activities, and peer discussions.”

The Honors Program extends well beyond the university in terms of opportunities, both while a student and while planning your career.

Daily updates on in-house and area events and opportunities.

Shaun ’01 Mathematics: “The Honors Program not only offers a vast network of friends and resources, but it also provides a unique atmosphere where students discover cultural diversity prevalent in America. Furthermore, the program offers diligent students a challenging environment in which they can enrich their own lives with the variety of Honors courses available.

Your experiences and talents bring to the program diversity and add to the wealth of cultural activities.

Gowri ‘01Biomedical Sciences: “I liked the Honors retreat. I got a chance to meet everyone and discover what a great group of people I was going to be sharing the next years of my life with. At the end of the retreat when we had to climb a 12 foot wall, leaving no one behind, was so cool. I bonded with everyone there.”

Meet new and upper classmen in Honors program at the retreat.

Establish relationships with faculty and University personnel at retreat.

Jorel ’00 Physical Therapy: “No matter what major you’re in, there will always be someone else in the Honors Program that can help you with that subject, tell you what classes to take, and which teachers are the best.”

Strong advising relationships through peers and upper classmen in addition to faculty.

Honors courses are small, intimate classroom settings.

Jonathan ’00 Physics: “There is not much extra work that you have to do, but you get lots of advantages like access to on-campus computers, which really come in handy for the in-between class touch ups to papers.”

Access to Honors Bethel is 24/7. You are provided with your own key.

Honors courses and classes required for your major overlap.

The Honors Bethel can be used for extra-curricular activities with permission.

Blake ‘99 Biology: “It’s cheaper than a sorority.”

Program provides small Liberal Arts environment at a urban institution

Cultural events attended with the Honors program will be at reduced costs, frequently being zero out-of-pocket expenditures.

Funds are available outside of your scholarship for researching, traveling for presentations/talks, and taking summer classes through the Honors Program.

Sidd ’99 Biology: “You come to school already part of a group of people that are all interesting and fun.”

Instant social opportunities with other Honors students

You will not feel at all alone during your freshman experience


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