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NRHH Of The Month Awards

Please review the OTM categories listed below before submitting your nomination. Thank you for helping to recognize deserving group, programs, and individuals throughout the residential community!

Advisor of the Month: Advisor OTMs recognize the work of an individual who advises a Resident Assistant staff, a community, a Hall Council, RHA, NRHH, or other student organizations. An advisor does not have to be a professional staff member, the OTM can be written about a student who has taken on the role of an advisor to a specific group.

Community of the Month: This award is intended to recognize outstanding communities since there is currently no other formal way of doing so. The nomination should focus both on what the members of the community have done within their floor, building, or house, as well as the community’s contribution to the residence halls.

Program of the Month: Any program that a student, RA, or any organization or department organizes or sponsors can be nominated for the Program OTM.

Executive Board Member of the Month: Any executive board member of any on campus student organization in housing can be nominated for this category. A nominee can be on the executive board of the RHA or NRHH, or can be a hall/council executive board member.

Staff Member of the Month: This category is to recognizes any outstanding professional staff member with USA Housing & Residence Life.
Organization of the Month: This category is to recognize an outstanding organization, not an outstanding organization member. Nomination should be group specific and not concentrate on the efforts of a few individuals.

Resident Assistant of the Month: Any RA can be nominated for this award. It recognizes work of an RA that has gone above and beyond their job description. It may include an RA who dealt with a difficult situation particularly well or contributed significantly and uniquely to building community.

Spotlight of the Month: This award is intended to recognize outstanding OTMs that don't fit into any set category, such as Custodial Staff, Dining Services Personnel, USAPD, etc. The nominee cannot be an advisor, executive board member, resident assistant, or student. Include how this person has helped out an individual or contributed to the well-being of a building or living community. RHA is not a spotlight. A spotlight could be a favorite professor (or a faculty in residence). They do not fit in another category and if they have done something to contribute to on campus living (not just by giving a good grade) such as presenting a program for residents, they are a viable candidate.

Student of the Month: Any student can be nominated in this category. Resident Assistants are not eligible for this award. You can however nominate RHA executive board members if they are recognized for their efforts as a student, not an executive board member.

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