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You may not need every item on this list. For some, a shower caddy is essential. Others will not need one. The included items are here to serve as a guide in creating your own list.

Sleeping     Making it Your Home
Bed Linens – at least 2 sets (Check your community page for dimensions under features & amenities)     Posters, photographs, and other decorations
Comforter and/or duvet cover—you’ll spend a lot of time on your bed, so it is nice to have a duvet cover that can be easily        removed and laundered     Area rug (Collegiate Bed Loft Company)
Lamp and/or desk lamp and light bulbs
Blanket     Standard size shower curtain (78” length in Stokes Hall)
Mattress pad     Harmless varieties of fish (only pet allowed)
Alarm clock     Looking Your Best
      Towels/washcloths (at least 2 sets)
Eating     Shower caddy
Microwave (only provided in Delta 6)     Bathrobe
Dish soap and towels     Shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, etc.
Coffee maker     Clothes hangers
Kitchen supplies, including plates, cups, bowls, utensils, can opener, chip clips, Ziploc bags, and storage containers     Clothes hamper/laundry bag
Favorite snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic)     Rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrella
Food for quick and easy meals in your room (breakfast bars, sandwiches, Easy Mac, Ramen noodles, microwave meals,        etc.)     Clothes, shoes, outerwear, and accessories —You won’t have room for your entire wardrobe, but you can trade your warm
       weather clothing for your cold weather clothing at fall break or
       Thanksgiving and then trade back at Spring Break or another
       trip home.
      Keep some transitional clothing on hand at all times for sudden changes in the weather.
School supplies (including binders, folders, pens, pencils, index cards, calculator, notebooks, etc.)     Electronics
Personal organizer/calendar     CD player/iPod and headphones
Computer (with original software)     Camera
Printer, printer paper, and ink cartridges     DVD player
      Television (and a coaxial cable)
Cleaning     Cable splitter (if both roommates are bringing a tv)
Cleaning supplies (including disinfecting wipes, room freshener, toilet brush, sponges, etc.)     Batteries
UL Approved Power Strips/Surge protectors (extension cords
Laundry supplies (including high efficiency [HE] detergent, fabric softener, stain removers, lint brush, laundry marking
       pen, and drying rack)
           are not allowed)
Iron (with auto-shut off)/small ironing board     Miscellaneous
Paper towels/Toilet paper
    Storage bins - for under your bed/in your closet (30” maximum height under adjustable bed without lofting)
Hand soap     First aid kit
Garbage can/bags (main room and bathroom)     Small tool kit (hammer, screwdriver, etc.)
      Sewing kit
For the safety of all residents, please do not bring the following items. In addition, please remember that you may not plug multiple power strips together, alter smoke detectors, or remove furniture from the room. Please note: The following is NOT an exhaustive list of prohibited items. For a complete list, please visit our Community Standards page.
Alcoholic Beverages     Hot Plates or Toaster Ovens
Weapons (real or replicas)     Potpourri or Scented Oil Warmers
Outdoor Grills     Halogen Lamps or Space Heaters
Extension Cords or Multi-plug adaptors     Wireless Routers
Candles, Incense, or Fireworks     Pets, except for harmless varieties of fish
Controlled Substances or Drug Paraphernalia
Hunting Bows, Air Guns, or Paint Ball Guns
    Lofted beds (Collegiate Bed Loft Company will install a loft in your space before you arrive)
Pets (other than harmless varieties of fish)      


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