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Author Submission
Submitting manuscripts via the National Institutes of Health Manuscript System (NIHMS) takes less than 10 minutes.
  1. An author or someone in their organization:
    • Submits a copy of the accepted peer-reviewed manuscript and associated files (e.g., Microsoft Word document and figures).
    • Lists the grant numbers that supported the manuscript.
  2. The author approves the submission, and affirms that any copyright agreements they have signed allows deposit to PubMed Central (PMC).
  3. The NIHMS will contact authors via email to ask them to approve the PMC-formatted manuscript and provide associated award information. http://www.nihms.nih.gov/
Step 1: Log in
Users can log in to NIHMS using their eRA Commons login (for extramural scientists) or their NIH login (for NIH intramural scientists). Third party submissions may be made by My NCBI account holders. Publisher login accounts are available for publishers interested in submitting manuscripts on behalf of authors to NIHMS. Additional publisher options are discussed in the Publisher FAQ.
Step 2: Upload manuscript
After providing basic information about the manuscript and contact information, users can upload their manuscript file(s). The system will generate a receipt of the uploaded files in PDF format. The PDF Receipt summarizes the information entered into the system, and merges the manuscript's files into one viewable document. Submitters confirm that the manuscript and any additional supporting documents have been successfully received by NIHMS.
Step 3: PDF Receipt approval and processing
If the submitter is not the Principal Investigator (PI), an email will be sent to the PI to approve the PDF and indicate the release date when the manuscript will be made publicly available on PMC. Upon approval by the submitter and the PI, the manuscript will be converted into XML - the standardized digital format used by PMC.
Step 4: Approval of the converted manuscript (Web version)
ss, a preview of the article as it will appear in PMC will be made available, allowing the PI to correct any errors if necessary. After final approval, the article will be publicly accessible through PMC after the time-delay specified by the PI.
For further questions or comments regarding the NIHMS System, please contact the NIHMS Help Desk. .

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