University of South Alabama College of Arts and Sciences
Assessment Calendar

All prior year assessment reports and assessment plans for the upcoming year are entered into TracDat no later than the fourth Thursday in August. The Director of Assessment monitors compliance and communicates the status of reporting to the Associate Vice President for any necessary follow-up with the deans.

Assessment reviews are conducted during the months of September, October, November, and December by the Director of Assessment,

The rubric used for review considers:

Are intended outcomes, assessment methods and criteria/targets identified?

Is there evidence they are assessed?

Is there an action plan to make improvements?

Was follow-up to the action plan reported?

All reviews are completed by the second Friday in January.

Suggestions for improving assessment reports and plans for the next year are developed by the Director of Assessment and forwarded to the appropriate program coordinator and/or director/division head.

Assessment revisions are monitored by the Director of Assessment.

Email reminders are sent to TracDat users over the summer months of upcoming deadlines.