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Marine Sciences
Dr. Judy P. Stout
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
University of South Alabama
Senior Marine Scientist, Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Ph.D., 1978, The University of Alabama

Research Description:
The primary focus of my research is plant ecology in vegetated coastal wetland systems including emergent marshes and oligohaline and marine grassbeds.

My emphasis has been directed toward understanding the environmental constraints to plant community composition, distribution and primary production and the application of research findings to wetlands resource management, conservation and restoration.

Salt marshes dominated by Juncus roemerianus, seagrass beds of Halodule wrightii and estuarine grassbeds dominated by Vallisneria americana are representative of communities examined.

Specific examples of areas of investigation are:

environmental factors affecting height morphs and population characteristics of Juncus
environmental factors affecting height morphs and population characteristics of Juncus
the effectiveness of natural coastal marshes for wastewater treatment
spatial and temporal variability in seagrass productivity and population structure
creation of wetlands for wastewater treatment
development of techniques to restore marsh and grassbed habitats and functional ecology

Integral to these questions are examinations of faunal recruitment and utilization of these wetland habitats as well as determination of the water purification role of wetland communities.

Current work involves methods to restore estuarine grassbeds with seeds or fruits and a pilot marsh restoration- model research effort.

Additionally, I am interested in determining the water quality and light attenuating factors within estuaries which may affect survival of grassbed communities.

Representative Publications:
Stout, J. P., et al. 1987. Utilization of a saltwater marsh ecosystem for the management of seafood processing wastewaters. US-EPA Tech. Rept. No. 904/9-86-142.

Stout, J. P. 1988. Irregularly flooded salt marshes of the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts of the U.S. Pp. 511-525, In: The ecology and management of wetlands, Vol. I. Ecology of Wetlands, D. D. Hooks, et al. (Eds.). Timber Press, Portland, OR. 592 p.

Marshall, J. E. and J. P. Stout. 1990. Seasonal availability of gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) forage in southwestern Alabama. J. Ala. Acad. Sc. 61(4):244-254.

Stout, J. P. and K. L. Heck. 1991. Reintroduction of oligohaline estuarine grassbeds: techniques and functional ecology. Dauphin Island Sea Lab Tech. Rept. 91-100, 58 p.

Dardeau, M. R., R. F. Modlin, J. P. Stout and W. W. Schroeder. 1992. Estuaries, Pp. 614-744, In: Biotic diversity of the southeastern U.S.: Aquatic Communities, C. Hackney, M. Adams and B. Martin (Eds.). John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 779 p.

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