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University of South Alabama - Campus Master Plan


Land Use Recommendations
This section will present recommendations in establishing zones, possible removal and demolition of buildings and site infrastructure and opportunities in development and expansion. It will look at patterns of land use and what facilities can help create and support these patterns with future expansion.
Due to the established orderly zones and organization of the campus, it is recommended to continue with appropriate development of these zones. The are identified as the following: Academics, Administration/Student Services, Athletics, Residences, Student Recreation, Research Park and Utilities/Maintenance (see Proposed Zone Plan). Keeping the appropriate facilities located in their corresponding zones will help with planning for utilities, vehicular circulation and parking and pedestrian circulation. The physical separation of zones will also help in providing security and control of the campus. For example having the Athletic zone separate from the Academic zone will reduce unauthorized access to academic buildings during sporting events or having the Academic zone away from the Residence zone will prevent commuter students driving through or parking in residential streets and parking lots.
The existing zones of the campus have limited growth and if an increase in enrollment continues through the decades, the University will have to expand to their adjacent undeveloped land. Suggestions for developing this land will be addressed in the section titled Development and Expansion Recommendations.
Required Demolition and Removal
As part of proposing the discussed changes and development to the campus it is important to look at required demolition and removal of any building or infrastructure affected by those changes. The cost of this process, planning for temporary and final relocation of the functions housed in demolished buildings, the effects on utility lines and equipment and the visual and physical effect of the site should be considered. Many features of the Campus Master Plan such as proposed open spaces, plazas, sidewalks and streets are not addressed individually in the project list. When appropriate these projects should be included in the site work of the earlier projects listed, so the concept behind them will not be lost in later development. The Proposed Demolition and Removal Plan map shows areas of site alteration and demolition of existing buildings, streets and sidewalks for future development. This map relates directly to the Campus Master Plan Map.
Development and Expansion Opportunities
Throughout the Master Plan Document the focus has been limited to the area of campus already developed. This is mainly due because there is still sufficient land available in this area and there is no need to expand beyond. This will only over stretch utilities, security and other infrastructure. Although this developed sector of the campus may sustain growth through the 5 and 10 year phasing periods, continued enrollment and growth after this period may force the University to expand to their undeveloped property to the west. This area of the campus has much opportunity for development and should be carefully planned when the need arises. The north of the campus also has a large undeveloped area, which could support growth for the Research Park. Other property owned by the University is a plot of land south across Old Shell Road and various properties in the Hillsdale Development. Proposals for the Hillsdale property and the development of the northern plot of land for the Research Park was included as the final items of the Campus Facilities Master Plan Project list.
Although there is an abundance of undeveloped property for future expansion it should be remembered that the natural trees and vegetation of this land is an important resource and should be handled with care. Any major future development should also be accompanied with an investigation on the effects of the protected wetlands on Campus.

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