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An Alphabetical Guide to Manuscript Collections at The McCall Library

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The Joe Jefferson Playhouse is a community theatre established in Mobile in the 1940s. The collection contains 23 scrapbooks with photos, programs, reviews, newspaper articles, video tapes, and advertisements for plays and events from 1947-2006. The video tapes include the after party of "Lil' Abner," the production of "The Reading of the Will," and "Foxhole Follies." Also included is the biography of actor Joseph Jefferson, with photos; correspondence for the organization's 40th anniversary; and the 40th Anniversary Gala Committee folder. 7 linear feet.

JONES/TKE (04-09-419)
Myrtle Jones and her family owned and operated a self-store warehouse located across from two fraternities overseen by the University of South Alabama. In 1986, the family began making complaints against both fraternities. Charges and counter-charges went on for years, leading to a lawsuit that was dismissed in 1995. Contained within this collection are security guard reports, audio cassette tapes, and correspondence from the Jones family to university officials, as well as handwritten notes from the Joneses and extensive newspaper clippings relating to the university, the Mobile Police Department, and allegations of hazing by fraternities across the country. Also included are several photographs of the fraternity house and the warehouse. Much of the material is one-sided in that it only reflects the position of the Jones family, although there is some documentation explaining the university's or the fraternities' points of view. (See also University Collections.) 1.1 linear feet.

The Junior League of Mobile was originally founded in 1925 as the Mobile Charity League. In 1932 it was incorporated into the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI). The Junior League is committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through effective action and leadership. The Junior League of Mobile Records contain correspondence, minutes, publications, photographs, scrapbooks, and subject files detailing the operations of the organization from its founding through 2009. The subject files contain a great deal of information about volunteerism in post-World War II Mobile, particularly in the areas of children’s health and education. 44 linear feet.


Primarily photocopied genealogical material related to interconnected families who helped settle the Vine and Olive Colony of Demopolis, Alabama. Includes the Baudin, Baudreau, Beylle, Bosarge, Fairley, Fowler, Gaillard, Girard, Grelot, Harwell, Herpin, Herve, Hurtel, Keoughan, Le Maistre, Lopez, Newsom, Nicaise, Noel, Pugh, Reynolds, Tardy, and Tete families. Also includes issues of the following periodicals: Delineator (December 1893), Demorest's Illustrated Monthly (March and November 1868), Frank Leslie's Ladies' Magazine (September 1865), Harper's New Monthly Magazine (July 1858), Godey's Lady's Book (July, September, October 1849; April 1853; September 1854; November 1855; January 1857; February, June, August 1858; October 1859; April 1860; February, April 1864; July 1866; January-March and June-July 1867).

KESLER, LUTHER E. (95-09-290)
Contains 6 pocket diaries that document the life of this school teacher, farmer, and barber. The handwriting in the diaries can be hard to decipher but they are dated ca. 1908, 1912-1913, 1916, 1918, and 1923. The entries are extremely brief, sometimes no more than "at home," "short day," or "I'm sick." They trace the life of Kesler from his school days in Mississippi to his teaching career in Baldwyn, Mississippi, to his job as a truck driver for Railroad Mail Service. The diaries also list Kesler's cash balance and make notes about Mississippi history. .25 linear foot.

KING, CLINTON (91-09-228)
Includes copies of many nineteenth- and twentieth-century maps of Alabama and the Gulf Coast area from the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Mobile City Engineer's Office; U.S. Geodetic Survey maps for many counties in Alabama; and county maps from the Alabama State Highway Department. An inventory is available. The collection also contains microform copies of the American State Papers, Mobile County census records for 1900, Alabama census records for 1910, and the following Mobile County Probate Court materials: Orphan's Court Minutes (1813-1850), Marriage Indexes (1813-1867), Real Property Indexes (1813-1907), Miscellaneous Books-Old Series (1819-1958), Translated Records (1715-1841), and Will Books (1813-1850). Typed transcriptions of the Probate Court Will Books prepared by Mr. King are available. There are also copies of New Orleans passenger lists (1717-1724) and baptismal and death registers (1720-1730); records of the Opalousas Post (1789-1803); and an index to baptisms at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans. 71.25 linear feet.

Consists of two scrapbooks (June 1944 to November 1967) containing photographs, annual reports, newspaper clippings, ads, correspondence (some), announcements, flyers, and thank you cards. The fifty-five black-and-white photographs depict special events and a variety of Kiwanis Club functions. They include some prominent Mobilians such as Frederick P. Whiddon and Albert J. Tully. Many of the images were used in publications. The clippings highlight various club activities and the works and achievements of various Kiwanis members.

KOSTMAYER SR., CHARLES (05-07-448, 08-08-481)
One scrapbook and one album related to the World War II service of Charles Kostmayer Sr. Also includes various documents pertaining to Kostmayer's attendance at several colleges, including the University of South Alabama. The scrapbook was assembled by Kostmayer's mother. It contains clippings about the war taken from the local newspaper. The album consists of photographs dated 1942 to 1945 of Kostmayer and his fellow soldiers as he was being trained with the Army Air Corps. The material is in poor condition but has been photocopied. The collection also consists of an oral interview with Kostmayer, which is available on CD. 2.25 linear feet.

Contains approximately 400 maps for the tracks and right of ways of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, from Mobile, Alabama to Jackson, Tennessee, including complete coverage of the Bay Shore Line in Mobile County, Ala. Also included are copies of the Historical Society News of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad (1978-1990), the Illinois Central Gulf News (1972-1979), and the annual reports of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad (selected years from 1879-1939), the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad (selected years from 1921-1938), Illinois Central Railroad (1958; 1968-1969), Illinois Central Industries (1966-1976), and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad (1940-1970). 24 linear feet.

The collection also contains copies of the Mobile Theater (1908-1910). Published by John T. Kern Jr., this was a combination event program and advertisement circular for theaters, hotels, and restaurants. 26 linear foot.


Minutes, annual reports, newsletters, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers of the Mobile chapter of the League of Women Voters dating from 1955 to 2007. Also includes a series devoted to environmental issues. 19.25 linear feet.

LEFLORE, JOHN L. (85-07-93, 08-09-491)
Materials relating to various activities of civil rights leader John L. Leflore. Included are correspondence, minutes, and other records of the regional, state and local NAACP (1939-1956); the Mobile Housing Board (1966-1970); the Alabama House of Representatives (1975-1976). The collection also contains one CD with John LeFlore's FBI file, photographs, and articles written by Mr. LeFlore for various newspapers. The papers have been microfilmed. (See also University Collections under Larry Holmes, Melton McLaurin, and Rearguard.) 10 linear feet.

Contains videotaped interviews with Joseph Langan, O. B. Purifoy, Dr. W. B. LeFlore, Janet LeFlore, Fred Richardson, J. C. Randolph, Hon. James T. Strickland, Henry Williams, Geraldine Clark, and Lancie Thomas. The interviews, filmed in 1996, are available on 34 VHS video tapes. They were produced under a grant from the Alabama Humanities Foundation for a documentary on John L. LeFlore. An index for the tapes is available. (See also University Collections under Larry Holmes, Melton McLaurin, and Rearguard.)

LOGAN, DANIEL W. (96-09-309)
Correspondence, journals (1862, 1869-1870, 1898, 1899-1901), and account books of Daniel W. Logan, a bookkeeper. Born in Charleston, SC, in 1835, Logan lived in Mobile from the 1860s until his death in 1906. The journals discuss events of the day, as well as Logan's travels, visitors, work schedule. They also allude to the Civil War and Reconstruction. 2 linear feet.

LOTT, VIRGINIA (04-08-417)
Virginia Lott was an information specialist for the Mobile County Commission, where she worked from 1945 until 1986. The papers in the collection (1955-1986) include manuals, handbooks, articles, and news clippings relating to both the 1888 and 1958 Mobile County courthouses, as well as to forts, historic buildings, and other historic information relating to Mobile County. (See also Photograph Collections under the same heading.) .5 linear foot.

LYONS, MARK (03-09-406)
Correspondence of Mark Lyons (1840-1887), Confederate States Army, February 18, 1861 to June 19, 1865. The letters are addressed to his fiancee (and later his wife) Amelia Horsler (1845-1916). Lyons first period of service began at Camp Beulah, Mobile. He was in Mississippi through 1862, resigned from the army, and married Amelia Horsler in 1863. He then re-enlisted in May 1864 and was stationed at various batteries in the defenses of Mobile until the end of the war. The letters have been transcribed by a relative. Some background about Mark Lyons and historical notes about the activities of the Confederate Army are included. 1 linear foot.