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A Guide to Photograph Collections at The McCall Library

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The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library houses approximately 1,200,000 negatives, slides, and prints, from 8x10 glass plates to the traditional 35mm. While our photographs range in date from about 1880 to today, we do not have coverage for every year of that date range. For example, non-portraiture images begin about 1895, while architectural images do not start until around 1920. The McCall Library's photographic collections also include more than 200,000 portraits.

The McCall Library's photographic collections are listed alphabetically in this guide. The name of the collection may be that of a person, business, organization, institution, location, subject, or donor.

Please note: not listed here are the thousands of images related to the University of South Alabama that we hold.

If you do not find what you are looking for or you need more information about these collections please email us at mccalllib@southalabama.edu.

  A guide to our manuscript collections is also available.  
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This collection contains 58 nitrate negatives (8 x 10 and 9 x 9). Thirty-two of the negatives are of a blast furnace in Fairfield, Alabama, and Barret's Fairfield Plant in Birmingham, Alabama. They were taken between August 24, and October 5, 1940. The remaning 26 negatives are not dated but show an area near Talladega, Alabama. None of the negatives have been printed.

Includes status reports on the Bankhead and Wallace Tunnels (1942-2003), progress photographs of the construction of the Wallace Tunnel (1969-1972). Also includes Wallace Tunnel pre-construction conference notes (1969), snapshots (1969-1972), weekly progress reports (1971-1972), and some tunnel employee training exams (n.d.). A series of inspection photographs (1969-1970) documents such non-tunnel sites as the Fort Conde-Charlotte House, City Hall, County Court House, Greyhound Bus Terminal, Christ Episcopal Church, and L&N Railroad Terminal Building. In all, there are approximately 2,000 images in this collection.

Contains approximately 30,000 safety sheet film negatives 4" x 5" taken by various company photographers from the 1930s to the 1950s. Subjects include employees at work, ship construction and repair. ADDSCO activities such as bond drives and rallies, and ship launchings during World War II are also documented. The negatives are well identified and indexed. A small number have been printed, especially those dealing with WWII-era activities. Many of the images appeared in the company's publication Fore and Aft which is also available at The McCall Library.

ALCOA (98-03-339)
In 1998, the Aluminum Company of America donated approximately 500 photographs, 200 slides, and 550 negatives that relate to the company's construction of its Mobile plant in 1937, to its expansion in 1952, and to its modernization in 1975. The collection also includes photos of damage from Hurricane Frederic in 1979 and slide presentations such as "The Mobile Plant," "The Story of Alcoa," "Bauxite to Ingot," "Mining and Refining," and "Beyond Ingot."

ARMITSTEAD, T. E. (78-01-21, 86-01-139)
This collection of 325 glass plate negatives (8 1/2 x 6 1/2) offers a view of economic life in the Mobile area circa 1896. T. E. Armitstead, the photographer, worked for the land company of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and concentrated on the port and agricultural activity along that railroad line. The negatives are grouped by subject areas, in particular, rural scenes, waterfront, and transportation. In addition, the images show lumber and railroad scenes in north Mobile County, Alabama, as well as public buildings and residences in Mobile. All of the negatives have been printed and cataloged. Along with the above, the G. B. Michael Collection includes several original Armitstead prints showing the Michael family home and farm in Citronelle and the family along with a group of others posing on the front porch of the Hygeia Hotel in Citronelle.

ASHDOWN, SPAN (99-07-345)
This collection is made up of 30 black and white photographs (8 x 10), 2 copy negatives (4 x 5), and 13 postcards of bayboats, hurricane damage, and Selma, Alabama, defenses during the Civil War.

AUSTIN, PHILIP G. (87-10-154)
This collection contains copy negatives (4 x 5) of 61 prints of various scenes in and around Mobile. Most of the images appear to have been taken by Boyle's Studio and date to the early 20th century. They include a Confederate veterans' reunion, harness racing, hurricane damage, two riverboats, and the Vincent House.

This collection consists of one small photo album containing 11 photographs (appx. 3 x 4) of William Gaines Austin Jr., who was born in 1900 and appears to be about 10 in the images. A few of them show him wearing his University Military School uniform; others show him with his bicycle. Copy negatives have been made of two of the UMS photos. There are no negatives for the other images.


BABCOCK, HARRY T. (92-07-242)
This collection is made up of 9 photo album pages with 4 photographs of the Summerville Court Apartments in 1939, 54 images of the construction of the Bankhead Tunnel in 1940, and 6 photographs of Gulf Shipbuilding taken in April 1941. The images range from 3 x 4 to 8 x 10. There are no negatives.

Construction of the Bankhead Tunnel is documented in 137 black and white slides.

BARNEY, OSCAR N. (88-07-166)
Oscar N. Barney was the first and long-time manager of the Mobile airport. This small collection is made up of 14 prints of various sizes. They relate to aviation in Mobile. Of particular interest is a somewhat fuzzy aerial of Bates Field and another of opening ceremonies for Eastern Airlines in 1952. There are no negatives.

Made up of 1 photo album (7 x 11) filled with snapshots (2 1/2 x 4) taken in the early 1940s in Mobile and on the Eastern Shore. Many of them are identified. Of particular interest are the photographs of the 1941 Knights of Revelry, Comic Cowboys, and Floral Mardi Gras parades, and of the centennial celebration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. There are no negatives.

BECKHAM, WALTER (97-04-320)
Consists of 24 black and white photographs (8 x 10) taken by Beckham between 1975 and 1989. The photos are of downtown Mobile, including Bienville Square, the Cochrane Bridge, and the GM&O Building. There are also images of Magnolia Cemetery, including shots of the Bellingrath Monument. The photos are dry mounted.

BELL, RON (85-07-92)
While a student at the University of South Alabama, Ron Bell took these 10 photographs (8 x 10) of downtown Mobile in the aftermath of Hurricane Frederic. There are no negatives but Bell did include handwritten captions.

This collection contains 267 nitrate negatives (3 1/2 x 5 1/2) taken around 1920 of the Bellingrath family and home. A few prints have been made, but there is no index or documentation for these negatives.

Subjects in this small collection include various groups and the following garden locations: the spring house, the totem pole, the entrance, Bellcamp Lodge, the carriage house, the rope swing, the pier, and construction of the home. The images also show transportation of azaleas and azalea scenes at the Bellingrath home on Ann Street. Taken in the 1920s and 1930s, there are 47 nitrate negatives (4 x 5) in this collection.

Consists of 558 glass lantern slides, 155 two-by-two black and white negatives, and three 35mm negatives. Images include shots of the grounds and building at Bellingrath, as well as of the Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo and Fort Gaines. The lantern slides date from the mid-1930s to the late 1940s; the Fishing Rodeo negatives were made in 1957 and the shots of Fort Gaines in 1956.

BRASELL, LOUIS (97-03-321)
During the Civil War, Mobile was protected on its western side by a series of earthen fortifications that ringed the city. One of those bisected North Catherine Street north of St. Stephens Road. One hundred years later, the earthworks there were leveled to make way for Peters Park. All of the 14 black and white negatives (2 x 2) in this collection are of the earthen defenses at that location.

BROOKLEY AIR FORCE BASE (89-08-189, 93-08-189, 02-03-394)
This collection is made up several smaller donations of images related to Brookley Air Force Base. Within them are more than 280 photographs (3 1/2 x 3 1/2, 4 x 5, and 8 x 10) that show aerial views of the base, the hospital, fire station, service clubs, warehouses, gymnasium, commissary, theater, housing, officers' club, pool, offices, and machine shop. The images were taken in the late 1950s to mid-1960s. Some were used to document overcrowding at the facility; others appear to have been shot as a sort of inventory of the facility prior to its closing. A third set shows military personnel and civilians employees working at the facility during World War II.

BROWN, ROBERT (89-01-188)
Contains 57 glass plate negatives (4 x 5) and 60 cyanotypes of Mobile and Eastern Shore scenes taken c. 1900 by an unknown photographer. Also includes 23 postcards of Eastern Shore scenes made by Frank Stewart c. 1920, and 4 photos of the Mobile waterfront made by A. Sandoz about 1890.

BROWN, RUSSELL (00-03-356)
This collection consists of 24 black and white safety negatives (3 x 5) taken of various downtown scenes. This collection also has 8 black and white photographs without negatives of other downtown scenes.

BURTON, WILSON C. (88-03-131)
This collection is comprised of approximately 77,000 negatives (4 x 5 and 5 x 7) taken from 1935 to 1998 [bulk 1957-1994]. While portraiture makes up most of the collection, it also contains historically significant images such as the graduation photograph of Vivian Malone.

Rosemary Butler's mother, Maybell Parker Braziel (Mrs. Benjamin), was a descendent of the Max Collins family of Mon Louis Island. Her father, August F. Parker, was in the Creole Number 1 Fire Company. Her collection consists of 24 mounted photographs of various sizes (primarily cabinet cards) and 4 postcards. The majority are portraits made by various Mobile studios during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The subjects are predominantly Creole. Of particular interest is an image of a member of the Creole Fire Company and another, made around 1902, of a group at the Cathedral School for Creole children, which was in operation from 1847 to around 1910. The Mobile Genealogical Society has additional information on Butler.

BRYAN, HARVEY (00-04-367)
Contains 309 black and white negatives and photographs (8 x 10) of the construction of Mobile General Hospital (the present-day University of South Alabama Medical Center). The images are dated between July 1961 and April 1964. They are dated and briefly captioned. There are also 11 smaller photos from March 1964, 167 black and white negatives (4 x 5) of construction from July 1961 to October 1963, and 139 black and white negatives of construction between April 1963 and April 1964. Bryan, who worked for the hospital's architect, Cooper Van Antwerp, was given the materials after Van Antwerp retired.


This small collection is comprised of 10 black and white photographs (of various sizes, two of which are dry mounted) related to the Mobile Press, and taken around 1930. They include views of the composing room and of William Zieback Sr. and Jr. There are no negatives.

CATE SR., RUFUS H. (00-04-364)
This collection consists of 82 World War II-era black and white photographs (4 x 5 and 8 x 10) showing ship launchings at the Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company, as well as ship construction and a few unidentified office workers. Many of the ships are identified and launching or construction date is noted.

CHAMPION, BETTIE B. (99-01-348)
A descendent of the Franklin Jackson McCoy family, Bettie B. Champion's collection is made up of 6 glass plate negatives (4 x 5) showing interior views of the McCoy home at 701 Government Street (now the site of the Mobile Public Library). There are also 3 unidentified daguerreotypes, 2 unidentified ambrotypes, and 6 unidentified cartes de visite. In addition, contains 14 prints of miscellaneous sizes (some mounted) of the McCoy family and friends. Most of those are unidentified but they do show Mattie B. and Fannie Ward Sheibley, and Franklin Jackson McCoy. The collection includes 4 prints of Thomas Cooper DeLeon and his home. The collection also has miscellaneous papers, including a letter dated 1926 from George Fearn, president of the Mobile Public Library's executive committee, to Fannie McCoy regarding the purchase of the McCoy property; a 1908 invitation to graduation ceremonies for Barton Academy, a 1926 Mobile High School commencement program, a circa 1893 invitation to a Knights of Revelry ball, and a 1925-1926 report card.

CLARK, GAYLORD LEE (10-07-526)
Contains 27 original black and white prints of various sizes. Most of the images show scenes from the Dallas County plantation of Judge John Starke Hunter, including several of former Hunter Plantation slaves. There are also scenes taken in Montgomery, Alabama, including the inauguration of Jefferson Davis, as well as images of flooding in Mobile, Alabama, after the 1906 hurricane. John Starke Hunter was a businessman born in Pleasant Hill, Alabama, near Troy, in 1848. Hunter was the son of Ransom Davis Hunter and Martha Famariah Hunter, and the grandson of Henry Larence (or Lawrence) Hunter and Mary Howard Hunter. There are no negatives but all of the images have been digitized.

Within this collection are 4 photograph albums and numerous loose images of the family of John T. Cochrane Sr. and his second wife, Katharine Crampton Cochrane. The photos date from the pre-Civil War period through the 1900s. Some are dated. They include tintypes and porcelain pictures. Subjects are Cochrane, Crampton, and Simpson family members, as well as Forts Morgan and Gaines, the Cochrane Bridge, and the Cochrane home. There are also World War II military photographs of Jewish detainees who had been tortured and murdered. Examples of material in the collection are available by clicking Katharine's hyperlinked name and the finding aid is available by clicking here.

COCHRANE JR., MRS. JOHN T. (80-07-42)
This photo album contains scenes of Magnolia Springs, Alabama, the Mobile waterfront, and the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. The 133 photographs were made by Mrs. Cochrane's grandfather, William A. Gates, between 1890 and 1904. Some of the images are cyanotypes. Some are in excellent condition; others have become extremely faded. There are no negatives.

COFFIN, S. MARION (92-01-250)
Mr. Coffin, a master mechanic for the Mobile Light and Railroad Company from 1894 to 1926, photographed many of the company's activities. Pictured are views of various types of streetcars, their construction and repair at the Monroe Park shops, and the laying of track. Also included are numerous views of buildings and amusements at Monroe Park. Most of the 264 negatives have been printed.

COLLINS, CATHY (90-10-219)
Made up of 20 postcards of various Mobile scenes. Includes, among others, the sun room and lobby of the Hotel St. Andrew, Horseshoe Bend, Christ Church before the 1906 storm, and the Fidelia Club.

CORLEY, KATHERINE M. (87-10-150)
Consists of 21 postcards of various scenes in and around Mobile. Includes 6 of Fort Morgan around 1911 and 15 of the aftermath of the 1916 storm.

Contains approximately 1,700 negatives and transparencies of various sizes that show travels in the U.S. and Europe. The photographer is unknown but was likely Counselman. The images were made in the 1960s and are of the American West, England, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. No prints of the negatives have been made.

CROOM, STEPHENS G. (93-07-262)
Includes 73 black and white photographs (5 x 7) of homes and other structures made by the Mader Studio of Mobile for the Historic American Buildings Survey; 25 black and white photos showing the development of Dauphin Island during the 1950s; 11 of Fort Morgan circa 1920; 7 of Battleship Park; 4 of Mardi Gras in Bienville Square in the 1950s; and 211 color slides relating to USS Alabama (BB-60) and Battleship Park.

CROSBY, SAMUEL N. (85-03-71, 85-03-117)
This collection is comprised of 515 negatives (35mm), 366 of which are of the Crosby family, taken during the tracing of the family's genealogy. The remaining 149 negatives in this collection were used to illustrate a book by Samuel N. Crosby, The Baldwin County Bench and Bar, Courtroom Tales and History. The book is also available.

There are 1,890 small nitrate and safety negatives (3 x 4) in this collection. They are primarily images of the Crowell and Delchamps families taken by Mr. Crowell in the 1930s and 1940s.

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