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Dr. Sytske Kimball

Professor of Meteorology
University of South Alabama

B.S. 1988 Delft University of Technology
M.S. 1993 Monash University
Ph. D 2000 The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Sytske Kimball

Dr. Sytske Kimball has been a world traveler since her family moved from Europe to Singapore in 1970 and her university degrees were acquired on three different continents. She completed her undergraduate degree in applied mathematics in 1988 at the Delft University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands. She moved to Australia in 1989 to join the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research as a research assistant working on tropical cyclones. Always having been interested in Earth Sciences, she went back to school and completed her M.S. in meteorology at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. She obtained her Ph. D. from the Pennsylvania State University in January 2000 and joined the University of South Alabama faculty in August 1999. She received tenure and a promotion to associate professor in 2007, followed by a promotion to full professor in 2010.

While in graduate school Sytske Kimball worked as a teaching assistant, teaching dynamical meteorology and a physical meteorology laboratory, which sparked an interest in teaching. She currently teaches the Dynamic Meteorology core course sequence and Meteorological Instrumentation. In addition, Dr. Kimball further enjoys involving undergraduate students in research projects ranging from hurricane modeling to analyzing real weather data. Undergraduate students are amazing researchers and the experience adds an extra dimension to their learning experience at the University of South Alabama. Many of these students have presented their work at professional conferences and gone on to complete  graduate school.

Dr. Kimball's research interests focus on hurricanes and hurricane modeling. She has published various papers on this topic and given numerous presentations at professional conferences. She has received grants from USARC, NASA, SUN Microsystems and NSF to support hurricane research. After her move to South Alabama, Dr. Kimball diversified her research interests to include working with real observations. She established the University of South Alabama Mesonet ( using funding from NOAA. The Mesonet is a network of 26 weather stations that observe 18 meteorological parameters at 1-minute intervals. Running the Mesonet, analyzing its data, and promoting its importance to the community have become an additional passion to her work on hurricanes.


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