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Dr. Wesley Terwey
Assistant Professor of Meteorology
University of South Alabama

B.S. 2000, Valparaiso University
(Meteorology with minor in Computer Science)
B.A. 2000, Valparaiso University
M.S. 2003, Colorado State University
(Atmospheric Science)
Ph.D. 2007, Colorado State University
(Atmospheric Science)

Dr. Wesley Terwey

Dr. Wesley Terwey joined the faculty of the University of South Alabama in January 2008, having just completed his doctoral work at Colorado State University under Dr. Michael Montgomery (currently at the Naval Postgraduate School). His specialties include mesoscale and dynamic meteorology with an emphasis on intense vortical structures.

Dr. Terwey has always been highly interested in weather, especially the mathematics and physics involved. As a high schooler in central Minnesota, Dr. Terwey excelled in mathematical and scientific competitions and was invited to a number of state-wide academic teams.

At Valparaiso University in Indiana, Dr. Terwey began storm chasing, which remains a favorite hobby of his to this day. Additionally, he was a charter member of the Chi Epsilon Pi (Meteorological Honor Society), a proud member of Alpha Phi Omega (national service fraternity), and a member of the Northwest Indiana chapter of the NWS/AMS.

In graduate school at Colorado State University, Dr. Terwey began his work with Dr. Michael Montgomery, examining the interactions between small vorticity perturbations and large, steep-vorticity-gradient vortices. This study led to a paper and Masters thesis in early 2003. After that, Dr. Terwey looked at a number of topics for his doctoral work including tornadic multiple vortex formation, vorticity interactions in the developing hurricane vortex, and the breakdown of the polar stratospheric vortex. Eventually, though, he settled on attempting to discover the physical mechanisms behind the formation of the secondary, or concentric, eyewall in mature hurricanes.

This work continues to this day. Dr. Terwey continues to be interested in many meteorological features, including severe storms, tornados, mature hurricanes, the polar stratospheric vortex, and derechoes.

Dr. Terwey is currently working on setting his teaching duties. He teaches the Computer Applications in Meteorology and Radar Meteorology classes, along with future classes in Physical Meteorology and other topics to be announced. He is extremely excited to be at South Alabama and hopes to distinguish himself with excellent teaching and excellent research.


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