Oracle Fine Arts Review is published annually by
the University of South Alabama.

The 2014 Oracle is dedicated in loving memory of China Barber.

  • Oracle 2016 Submission Deadline

    Submission deadline for Oracle 2016 is October 10. Please take a moment to review the submission guidelines.
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    Oracle 2015 is out! Copies are available at the English and Art Departments at the University of South Alabama.

  • The theme for Oracle this year is going to be Structure. What my primary interest here are the spaces (both abstract and literal) that humans create for themselves, identify themselves by, and push each other into. Words that I consider to be synonymous with “structure” for the purposes of this theme are: architecture, industry, and spaces. Ostensibly, each of these terms consists of other sub-categories that are nuanced from one another. The point is, each of us exists in multiple structures and spaces – and identity shifts as environment shifts, and consequently we are always changing and adapting to our environments, whatever they may be.  I hope this is helpful to you, and gets the creativity flowing as you submit to Oracle this year. Additionally, please don’t let this theme dictate what you write or submit to Oracle. We will be selecting works that span any and all themes – this theme of Structure is just something to keep in mind and use, if you’d like.
                                                                                        Aryn Bradley
                                                                                        Editor in Chief

Oracle 2012 cover