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Careers in Criminal Justice


The Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Department of Labor publishes the "Occupational Outlook Handbook" every year. You may want to consult this handbook about criminal justice careers by clicking on http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos160.htm and http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos160.htm#related. Also, see http://discoverpolicing.org.

    Local law enforcement:
    • Park police
    • County police
    • Juvenile Justice Centers
    • Sheriff Department

    State law enforcement:
    • Crime labs
    • State Crime Commissions
    • The Court System
    • Attorney General Offices
    • Narcotics Bureaus
    • Liquor Control Boards
    • State Police

    Federal law enforcement:

    • Department of Defense
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Department of Transportation
    • Federal Trade Commission
    • Veterans Affairs
    • Customs Agency
    • Immigration and Naturalization Service
    • Food and Drug Administration
    • Office of the Inspector General

    Private sector law enforcement:
    • Insurance companies
    • Private detective firms
    • Safety officers
    • Security patrol officers

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