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Mission Statement
The mission of the University of South Alabama is to offer high-quality programs of teaching, research, public service, and health care that create, communicate, preserve, and apply knowledge in service to the people of Alabama as citizens in a global community.
Vision Statement
Our vision is to become a preeminent comprehensive university that is recognized for its intellectual, cultural, and economic impact on the health and well-being of those we serve as leaders and citizens in a global community.
Goals and Objectives
Goal 1:  Build upon the academic quality and learning environment of the University
• Objective 1.1: Improve learning outcomes.
• Objective 1.2: Recruit high-caliber students.
• Objective 1.3: Recruit, recognize, and retain high-quality faculty and staff.
• Objective 1.4: Improve academic success of students.
• Objective 1.5: Increase innovation, efficiency and instructional resources for educational programs
Goal 2:  Enhance the quality of student life
• Objective 2.1: Provide responsive services and activities for traditional and nontraditional students.
• Objective 2.2: Promote a safe campus environment.
• Objective 2.3: Provide quality, accessible physical facilities.
• Objective 2.4: Promote faculty engagement in student activities.
• Objective 2.5: Encourage student engagement in campus activities.
• Objective 2.6: Recognize student achievements in academic and student life.
Goal 3:  Embrace diversity
• Objective 3.1: Provide a welcoming environment.
• Objective 3.2: Implement and evaluate the University's strategic diversity plan.
• Objective 3.3: Increase opportunities for study abroad and international faculty and student exchange.
• Objective 3.4: Infuse a global perspective across the curriculum.
Goal 4: Enhance the public image of the University
• Objective 4.1: Increase the understanding and appreciation of USA contributions through all available methods.
• Objective 4.2: Increase USA participation and visibility in community service and environmental projects.
• Objective 4.3: Expand community engagement with USA by maximizing art, cultural, entertainment, and athletic
• Objective 4.4: Continue to foster relationships with civic, government, and business leaders.
• Objective 4.5: Draw attention to student/faculty, staff accomplishments.
• Objective 4.6: Enhance USA's image in a broader geographic area.
• Objective 4.7: Continue to improve internal awareness of programs and services, as well as the institution's
   importance and public identity.
Goal 5:  Strengthen financial support of the University
• Objective 5.1: Increase student enrollment commensurate with reasonable institutional capacity.
• Objective 5.2: Maximize efforts to secure increased public funding.
• Objective 5.3: Increase extramural funding.
• Objective 5.4: Be fiscally prudent and pursue opportunities for gains in efficiency.
• Objective 5.5: Continue to expand and strengthen the University development program.
• Objective 5.6: Increase institutional support from the USA Foundation.
Goal 6:  Ensure appropriate University planning and assessment
• Objective 6.1: Demonstrate use of assessment information for making improvements.
• Objective 6.2: Effectively use technology for planning and assessment.
• Objective 6.3: Continuously improve the planning and assessment process.
Goal 7:  Sustain the growth of high-quality health care services
• Objective 7.1: Adapt to rapid changes in financial funding for the USA Health System.
• Objective 7.2: Establish a priority list of capital improvements and monitor progress.
• Objective 7.3: Enhance relationships with community partners as is mutually beneficial.
• Objective 7.4: Develop strategies to adapt to upcoming changes resulting from health care reform.
• Objective 7.5: Continuously improve the quality of health care delivery in the current system.
• Objective 7.6: Sustain/enhance the research and education missions of the Health Sciences Division and USA
   MCI in the face of declining financial support from the USA Health System.
• Objective 7.7: As resources permit, develop/enhance centers of excellence.
Goal 8:  Promote research and scholarly activities
• Objective 8.1: Increase the scholarly capacity, capability, recognition, and impact of University investigators.
• Objective 8.2: Enhance technology transfer and diffusion of new knowledge across the University.
• Objective 8.3: Expand human, facility and financial resources to grow the University's research enterprise.
• Objective 8.4: Accelerate campus-wide development of translational, clinical, basic, and applied research
   through collaborations with industries, agencies, foundations, faculty, education, and health care providers.



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