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  Export Control
USA Export Control Compliance
Export Control Basics
In general, the export control regulations cover four main types of University activities:
  • transfers of controlled information, including technical data, to persons and entities outside the United States;
  • shipment of controlled physical items, such as scientific equipment, that require export licenses from the United States to a foreign country;
  • verbal, written, electronic, or visual disclosures of controlled scietific and technical information revealed to export controlled items to foreign nationas ("deemed export"), even when it occurs within the United States; and
  • travel to certain sanctioned or embargoed countres for purposes of teaching or performing research.
These requirements are not new.  The United States has imposed restrictions on certain kinds of information and items are shipped out of the country since the 1940s.  These are the three relevant sets of legal requirements:
There are books, businesses, and law practices totally devoted to navigating the world of export control compliance.  Below are some basic overviews for starting to understand what the laws are and how they might affect universities.
Compliance Tips
Exclusions/Exemptions From the Regulations
USA Export Control Training

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