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Human Subjects
IRB Application and Submission Process

The University has contracted with IRBNet, a web-based system for management of IRB submissions. IRBNet is expected to make the submission process easier and more convenient for researchers. Investigators will submit their research protocols electronically to the IRB Office through the IRBNet system. All studies being submitted to the IRB must be submitted electronically through IRBNet. All forms and templates are located in the IRBNet system. Step-by-step user guides have been created for each part of the IRBNet protocol submission process.

Visit the IRBNet webpage for guidance materials on the submission process and training videos. The training videos will walk you through the registration process, creating and submitting a new project, and post-submission tools. Additionally, a student guide and checklist has been created to aid students in the submission process.

DO NOT REQUEST A DEMO WHEN YOU ACCESS THE IRBNET HOMEPAGE. The demo is NOT a training application and will not be helpful to you.

• Click on the Create New Project button located on the left-hand side of your screen. Complete the required information and click continue.
• You will now be on the Designer page. You can access this page at any time by clicking on the Designer button on the left-hand side of your screen.
• Complete Step 1 for accessing renewal, amendment, adverse event or deviation forms and then click "Add New Document" at bottom of Designer page.
• Complete the Online Document, IRB Application Part A at bottom of Attach Document page
PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL AMENDMENTS TO YOUR DOCUMENTS ARE HIGHLIGHTED. This makes it faster and easier for the IRB to locate the amendments within your document(s). Please note that studies will not be scheduled for review unless the amendments are highlighted.
• See IRBNet webpage instructional guides/videos if you need additional information on sharing, signing and submitting your project package in order to complete the application submission process.
• My Projects (from the left-hand side menu) will show you the list of studies to which you have access - those you have created and those which have been shared with you at any level of access. Studies which have not been submitted are labeled "Work in Progress" in the Status column. Studies which have been submitted but not yet reviewed by the IRB are labeled "Pending Review".

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