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Clinical Research Listserv
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The Clinical Research Support Staff Mailing List, crsslist@lists.usouthal.edu is managed by the USA IRB Office to promote increase in interactions and information exchange among University clinical research coordinators, research nurses and support staff. The list enables the sharing of expertise, experiences, the discussion of matters that are relevant to most of us, and the fostering of a learning clinical research enterprise.

>> To subscribe go to http://lists.usouthal.edu/univlists/index.html
NOTE: The "Mailing List Name" is crsslist

>> Please use self explanatory subject headings that accurately convey the topic of your post. Sign your posting and include brief contact information. You can use the signature that you've set up in your mail client or simply type in the information at the end of your note.

>> In an effort to minimize virus risks, this list will not permit e-mail attachments.

>> The CRSS and the list owner(s) do not vouch for the accuracy of postings or endorse the opinions expressed therein. The list owner(s) reserve the right to accept or reject subscriptions. Suspension from the list is at the sole discretion of list owner(s).

>> If you have problems or questions, send email to the moderator at srobbins@usouthal.edu

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>> To REMOVE yourself from this mailing list, go to http://lists.usouthal.edu/univlists/index.html


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