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USA Student Orientation Course

USA Online


If you are a current student and interested in taking an online class, USA has prepared a short student orientation course to introduce students to the USA Online/Sakai learning environment.  The site is a "joinable" site, which means that anyone with a J-number may enroll in the course.


Students can view and download a How-To Guide for students to self-enroll in the orientation course at:


  Stretch for Success Program


Stretch for Success Early Entry Learning Community


The Stretch for Success Learning Community welcomes students from all majors who seek academic support to help them meet their graduation and workforce goals.

This community is intended to provide fall first-time freshmen with the opportunity to get a head start on college. Students involved will experience a particularly supportive and stimulating environment in which they can experience campus life; develop math skills; and begin formulating a graduation plan and career goals. Participation in this learning community, however, is by invitation only.

Students will participate in daily exercise or nutrition activities for the purpose of improving the whole person - linking the brain to the body. Grant Roberts, Hollywood trainer for Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby, is consultant for this program. Students will have the opportunity to join a USA study to measure their academic success through the integration of exercise or nutrition.


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ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Camp (2010, 2011, 2012)


The School of Continuing Education and Special Programs partnered with the USA College of Engineering to apply for a grant from the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Foundation to help develop talented youth for STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

For three years, USA has been proud to be one of the grant’s recipients. Area youth have benefited from the program both academically and socially. Most importantly, they have been motivated to never give up on themselves.


During the 2012 summer, the program took place in the beautiful new USA Shelby Hall housing the College of Engineering and School of Computing. There are 150,000 sq ft in this building. It has 63 labs; 17 classrooms; 3 auditoriums; 5 student study areas and more. Here is an opportunity to pursue engineering and computer sciences undergraduate degrees; masters’ degrees; and a new doctoral degree in engineering.


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Bernard Haris


Dr. Bernard Harris with youth



Why Math Should Be Your New BFF: Good jobs !

Read the Wall Street Journal article about the importance of math as it relates to good jobs here:

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USA Bridge Program


USA Summer Bridge Program


The Mission of the Department of Developmental Studies is to produce courses and instructional support services of excellence that address the needs of students in their preparation for and transition to collegiate study at the University. The courses and services offered provide students with opportunities to strengthen the basic skills necessary for academic success; to explore career options and preparation; to access campus activities programs, and services; and to become active participants in the University community.


This program is designed to assist students in preparing for college by practicing the basic skills necessary to be successful. Students are invited to participate based on their interest in attending USA as well as the need to improve their academic readiness. This program is open to students whose standardized test scores do not meet the regular admission or conditional admission criteria for USA. Contact Nancy Kasper at 251-460-6283 for admissions criteria for the Summer Bridge Program.