The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers a curriculum that allows students to attain personal/educational/ professional goals by integrating and synthesizing multiple disciplines.

To honor this intent and definition, curriculum choice will include no more than one discipline per department and at least two colleges/schools. In those cases wherein a student chooses two disciplines in one college, those disciplines must be distinct. For example, in the College of Education, students may choose an Education discipline and a Physical Education discipline. Prerequisite courses from outside of a department’s discipline that are within the same College may be counted as supporting courses, but may not be counted in that discipline.


An exception to the two college guideline is that students may choose three separate and varied disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences. Under rare circumstances, other considerations may be offered but must be approved by the Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Dean of the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs.


Note:  Disciplines are arranged by college and department.

College of Allied Health Professions

         Biomedical Sciences*


College of Arts and Sciences

         African-American Studies
         Air Force Studies
         Dramatic Arts
         Earth Sciences:  Geography, Geology
         Foreign Languages:  French, German, Spanish, Russian
         Gender Studies
         International Studies
         Mathematics, Statistics
         Military Science
         Philosophy, Classics, Religion
         Political Science, Criminal Justice
         Sociology**, Anthropology
         Visual Arts:  Art History, Studio Art


Mitchell College of Business

         Business Environment


College of Education***

         Health and Safety, Physical Education, Leisure Studies


School of Computing

         Health Informatics
         Networking Track, Programming Track, Web Track


School of Continuing Education and Special Programs

         Interdisciplinary Studies


* May combine a discipline in Biology and Biomedical Sciences.
** Students with a discipline in Sociology may take up to 9 hours of Social Work as supporting courses for their concentration.
*** Education courses available to Interdisciplinary Studies majors are limited and will not lead to teaching certification.  Background check is required by the College of Education.  Please refer to an IST advisor for more information.