Tortoise Award


The typical adult learner must often surmount many obstacles in the path toward degree completion. He or she shoulders adult responsibilities including caring for children and aging parents, working full-time, overseeing the upkeep of home and  automobile, and engaging in civic, religious, professional, or charitable organizations. This means that most of his or her time is necessarily spent managing the adult citizen’s burdens in life, and there is little time left over to devote to college studies.

The adult who returns to college to complete the bachelor’s degree is, necessarily, a patient and persistent person, knowing that because he or she only has enough spare time to take one or two courses each semester, it will take a long time to finish.  

It is for this very reason that we are so proud of each of our adult degree program students. So, during every senior banquet, the Interdisciplinary Studies Department presents the Tortoise Award to the one graduating adult degree program student who has taken the longest time to complete his or her bachelor’s degree. The name of the award refers to Aesop’s fable, The Hare and the Tortoise, the moral of which is “slow but steady wins the race.” Our Tortoise Award is designed to recognize and honor the persistence of that adult learner.

Spring 2012 - Andrea Holts (left) receives the ADP Tortoise Award from Karen Goodwin, ADP Advisor.


Fall 2011 - Mary Sayer (right) receives the ADP Tortoise Award from Karen Goodwin, ADP Advisor.

Spring 2011 - Edward Foster (left) receives the ADP Tortoise Award from ADP Advisor Karen Goodwin.

Spring 2010 - Glenn Dutton (right) receives the ADP Tortoise Awards from ADP Advisor Karen Goodwin.