Welcome to the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs

Message from the Dean

Dr. Vaughn Millner

Welcome to USA’s School of Continuing Education and Special Programs. Our website provides you with a snapshot of our activities. I invite you to review our offerings.

Those involved with the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs are united in our desire to facilitate the development of culturally sensitive, competent, and successful individuals who serve our world. We value diversity, a global perspective, freedom in the pursuit of knowledge, integrity, and transparency. Through the website, you will see the diversity and quality of offerings.

Students who become interdisciplinary studies majors find that they have an impact on their community because of educational opportunities presented for learning, leadership and global awareness. In our School’s work, we seek to maximize our students’ potential and we are guided by the values of

  • Persistence
  • Ethical Action
  • Respect for All
  • Continual Pursuit of Excellence
  • Global Competence
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration

Our students approach interdisciplinary studies with a deep sense of dedication to the department and the education and community it provides them.

As the primary public service outreach arm for the University, the School provides and supports quality lifelong educational learning experiences and serves as an advocate for students as they interact with the global community. We strive to transform our students’ academic experiences through interdisciplinary, experiential learning; and to support the University of South Alabama’s community through expansion of international experiences.

We have much to offer you. We are committed to serving our diverse student population through exemplary practices in teaching, research, and service to the community. We provide quality academic experiences for students who have a wide range of goals such as the acquisition of an undergraduate degree that will ultimately lead to meaningful employment; personal enrichment; development of professional skills, development of basic skills prior to beginning a full-fledged academic program; and international education. We have one goal in common: Offer students a variety of transformational educational experiences to equip them to fulfill their potential.

Our comprehensive academic programs are delivered in a variety of locations and formats: classrooms on the main campus and in Baldwin County; blended courses (with some classes online and some classes in-person); and online courses. Online offerings include an online completion degree program with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as a variety of online non-credit courses.

You may be a prospective student or a member of our community. You may be an alumnus, alumnae, or supporter. We are growing and we welcome your involvement and your ideas to help us continue to increase our impact and productivity.

It is my privilege to serve as dean of the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs. I have the opportunity to experience the expressions of joy on the faces of our graduates; to see parents and young adults graduate together; to see women and men find meaningful career paths; and to talk to first-time freshmen who share with me the benefits of our intense summer academic programs (and who volunteer to help the next group). The energy, dedication and enthusiasm exhibited by our faculty and staff help to advance the educational aspirations of our students and forward the internationalization of our campus and world. This is exciting.

The School makes a difference. I encourage you to join us.


Vaughn Millner, Ph.D., Dean
School of Continuing Education and Special Programs