Office of Student Accounting
Meisler Hall
Suite 1300
Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002

Authorization for Electronic Direct Deposit of Financial Aid (EDD)

Instructions for Completion of This Form:
   1. Read carefully the EDD Terms of Agreement and
   Authorization below.
   3. Attach one of your checks to the form. Write
across the check.
   2. Complete the form. Do not forget to sign and date.
   4. Mail the completed form to the following address:            

       Office of Student Accounting

       390 ALUMNI CIRCLE RM 1300

       Mobile, AL  36688-0002

Terms of Agreement and Authorization for Deductions and Deposit of Balance of Aid:
  • I have read and understand the EDD information.
  • I understand that University of South Alabama (USA) may deduct fees and tuition from my financial aid. I authorize USA to also deduct other cost of attendance charges (such as course fees) and charges incurred at my discretion such as short term loans.
  • I understand that I am responsible, upon receiving USA notification of deposit, for verifying with my bank that my account has been credited. I understand that expenditures made from my account without such verification will be made at my own risk.
  • I understand that I must be enrolled in the appropriate number of credit hours and must clear all holds before my disbursement date.
  • I agree to promptly notify USA Registrar Office of changes in name and/or address and the USA Office of Student Accounting for changes in my bank or checking account status.
  • I authorize the financial institution below to process the credit and/or debit entries initiated by USA.
  • I understand that this authorization remains in full force and effect while I am a USA financial aid recipient unless USA receives my timely written request to terminate or unless USA notifies me that EDD or my participation in EDD is to be terminated.

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Student e-mail Address:

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ATTACH VOIDED CHECK(S) Sign and date form (Org.4/17/2003)

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