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Will my financial aid go toward my 15% payment?
Yes, provided you have been awarded aid by our Financial Aid Office and have sufficient aid to cover 15% of your tuition and fee balance.
If I don't meet the 15% payment deadline, what will happen?
You'll be removed from your courses for the term. You will be able to re-register, but you may not get your original schedule. If you re-register, you must have all of your tuition and fees, including housing and meals paid by the last payment deadline.
If I pay my 15% but then add classes, what should I do?
You must pay the remaining balance of your tuition and fees, including housing and meals by the last payment deadline.
What is included in the required 15% payment?
All tuition and fees, including housing and meals.
What if my tuition and fees are being paid by a PACT, VA, ROTC, my employer, or some other third party vendor? Will that cover the 15% due?
You must have all proof of payment documentation to the Office of Student Accounting by 5:00 p.m. on the 15% payment deadline.
I have registered for classes and have decided not to attend the semester. What should I do to avoid being charged non-refundable fees?
You will need to drop all of your classes before the first day of classes.
My tuition and fees are being paid directly by a company, governmental agency or trust fund and the funds will not be available until after the financial deadlines. What should I do?
You will need to contact the USA Credit Union or another lending institution of your choice to obtain a short term loan until the funds are available.

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