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I registered for classes and my charges are more than the tuition and base University fees I calculated using the schedule of fees in the Schedule of Classes or on the Office of Student Accounting web site. Why?
Some USA courses require special course fees (ex. Computer Lab Fee, Accounting Fee, etc.). Please refer to the Schedule of Classes fee column in the course offering section or the PAWS module for special course fees associated with specific courses.
I registered for classes and have a $50 Late Registration Fee. Why?
If you register on or after the first day of classes, a Late Registration Fee will be applied to your student account.
I was awarded Financial Aid for the semester, but I had to completely withdraw. Why is there a Return to Lender charge and/or a reversal of a portion of my Pell grant on my student account?
When a student receives Financial Aid and completely withdraws from classes, the Financial Aid office is required by the Department of Education to return a portion of the financial aid award. Please see the Federal Financial Aid Recipients Withdrawals and Refunds section in the Graduate and Undergraduate Bulletin or http://www.southalabama.edu/studentaccounting/feepayment.html for more detailed information.
How long will it take for the payment I make on the Web to be reflected on my student account?
The payment will be reflected on the student account at the time of payment.
I paid my tuition and fees by personal check and it was returned by the bank NSF. What should I do?
The University will send a Returned Check Notification and a $15 handling charge will be added to your student account. Future payments to the University must be made by cash or credit card. Student will not be administratively withdrawn from classes and will be responsible for the balance plus the handling fee.
How will I know if my Web credit card payment was processed?
The PAWS credit card payment screen will return a confirmation number when the payment has been processed. If a payment error is returned, please contact the Office of Student Accounting immediately.
I paid my account with cash or a credit card and dropped some courses and have not received a refund. What is taking so long?
Student accounts paid with cash or credit card will be refunded for dropped courses after the University 50% drop period.
I paid my account with a personal check and dropped some courses and have not received a refund. What is taking so long?
Student accounts paid with a personal check will be refunded after the University's 50% refund period or approximately 15 days after the check was written, whichever is longer.

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