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  • Who is eligible to be an Advisor?

    Any full-time or part-time faculty/staff member of USA may serve as an Advisor. Graduate students are NOT eligible to be Advisors. Alumni, community members, or students are also NOT eligible to be advisors. 

  • Are student organizations required to have an advisor?
  • Yes all student organizations are required to have an advisor. Eligibility for advisors is listed above.

  • What is the time commitment for being an Advisor?
  • This is really up to you.  If you choose to attend all meetings and events, it could be 1-4 hours per week. If you choose to meet with the group’s officers and attend occasional events, it could be as little as 1-4 hours per month. You may choose to allow students to drop by your office at any time or may ask them to schedule appointments. Your availability should be made clear to your organization from the start.

  • What are the responsibilities associated with being an Advisor?
  • This area is also flexible and should be discussed between the organization and yourself. We want advisors to be more than just a name on paper, so we would encourage you to attend meetings and events as time allows.  We would also suggest that you assist the group with transitioning and training officers, understanding university policies and resolving potential conflicts. Advisors are also required to serve as Campus Security Authorities, as outlined by the Clery Act. More information about this act will be available soon.

  • Can I be held responsible for my organization’s mistakes?

    You are there to help the organization make sound decisions, but ultimately, the students are responsible for those decisions. As long as you are partaking in official student organization meetings or events, you are insured by the university in the role of an Advisor. Use your best judgment is deciding which activities you would like to attend. Note- it is not recommended to transport students in your own vehicle at any time, as your personal insurance would have to cover any incidents. For any questions about the liability of student organization advisors, please contact Risk Management at (251) 460-6101.

Other questions? Contact the Office of Student Activities, (251) 460-7003


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