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Every student organization may open an on-campus account for managing funds. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information on opening an on-campus account.

Advantages to using an on-campus account include:           
• Support from university staff in regulating the use of funds
• Limiting the risk of misuse
• No annual fees or other materials costs
• Easy to maintain when organizational leadership changes
• Tax exempt status

Questions about an organization Jag number or Tax ID number? Contact the Business Office at (251) 460-7840

In the event that a student organization decides to open an off- campus account, the following requirements apply:
• The account must have two signatories, one of which must be the organization advisor.
• The account name cannot include “USA” or “University of South Alabama.”
• Use of the University’s TAX ID number is prohibited to open an off campus account.
• Remove outgoing and add incoming signatories promptly.

Other tips for off campus accounts
• Use of an ATM or credit card is not recommended.
• Use a central mailing address such as a USA PO Box to receive bank statements and notifications.
• Allow all members of the student organization access to financial records.
• Designate a secondary individual who is separate from the organization purchaser to reconcile the bank statements

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