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2013-2014 Guidelines

The Office of Student Activities is planning for the end of the year Student Organization Leadership Awards. We believe that our student organizations add an undeniable value to our campus community and furthermore, the student leaders of these organizations deserve to be recognized for their efforts and commitment to this university. We offer several awards created to celebrate the efforts of student organizations and their impact at USA.
Submission Requirements:
Award nominations will only be accepted via email. Registered student organizations will need to answer specific questions related to each award. Individuals completing the applications should be sure to complete the form in its entirety and save a copy. Once saved, please email the PDF form to activities@southalabama.edu. When saving each file, please be sure to name the document with your organization name and award title (i.e. XYZ_Emerging_Leader.pdf). Hard copies of applications and supplemental materials will NOT be accepted. This is a result of our efforts to be more sustainable and efficient in our annual recognition efforts. You should receive a confirmation email from Student Activities within 1-2 business days of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Student Activities at 251-460-7003.

Nomination applications are due via email to activities@southalabama.edu by Monday, March 31, 2014 before 5 p.m. We realize that student organizations hold excellent programs and events in March and April but we must set the deadline early enough for the Student Organizations Committee to review and vote on all the nominees. Keep in mind however, any program that occurs between March 21, 2013and March 31, 2014 (this year's deadline) are eligible for consideration during this year's award season.

Click on any of the awards below to download the application form. Be sure to save your completed form for your own records, and then email the file to activities@southalabama.edu. Late nominations will not be considered.


Applications and Descriptions:

Advisor of the Year
: This award is given to the student organization advisor who consistently contributes his or her time and energy for the betterment of the organization. This advisor goes above and beyond the responsibilities established for him/her within the organization’s constitution. This person assists the group into realizing their potential, helping them achieve their goals, mentors individual members, and leads by example.

Student Organization of the Year: This award is given to one student organization in each category (red or blue) which exemplifies commitment to the betterment and strengthening of the organization’s chosen community/audience. These organizations should have strong leadership who consistently work together toward the group’s common goals. In addition, these organizations should serve as role models for the other USA registered student organizations.

Outstanding Program: USA student organizations promote high quality programs that complement the rigor of our academic environment.  These programs become cherished Jaguar experiences by maturing into USA’s proudest traditions and highly energetic school-spirited events.

This award recognizes a student organization program that enhanced the University community and explored and fostered innovative and efficient ways to reach and involve diverse student audiences.  The program was coordinated and managed in a fiscally sound manner and was open to all USA students. Events that took place from March 21, 2013 to March 30, 2014 are eligible to be nominated.

Outstanding Student Organization Leader: This award will be given to the individual who best exemplifies the leadership qualities within the student organization. This student is consistently motivating and encouraging to other members. The Outstanding Student Organization Leader provides vision for the group and leads by example in accomplishing the goals.  This person challenges fellow members to excel and understands the limits of the group.  This person should be an effective communicator and a positive role model for his/her peers.

Emerging Leader: This award will be given to the individual who made a significant impact in their organization, exhibited a high level of participation and volunteerism, and whose efforts have made a difference in the community and/or on campus. This award recognizes a student who has chosen to go above and beyond what is asked of them in their contribution toward their organization.

Graduate Organization of the Year: This award is given to one graduate student organization that has augmented the college experience for USA graduate students exemplifying commitment to the betterment and strengthening of the organization’s chosen community/audience. This organization should have strong leadership that consistently works together toward the group’s common goals. In addition, this organization should serve as a role model for the other USA registered graduate student organizations.


Who can submit nominations?
Anyone can submit a nomination on behalf of a student organization, although most of our applications come directly from the organizations themselves, so don't be shy about self-nominating! However, we will only accept one nomination per registered student organization for each award.

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