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THE SEX-TEAM: Peer Education
(Understanding Sexual Awareness & Sexual Education Experience)
  • What is the SEX TEAM?

The SEX TEAM is a Peer Education Program sponsored by the University of South Alabama Student Health Center (SHC). Team members are USA students committed to educating fellow students on issues concerning sexual health. Peer Educators facilitate lively, open, informative programs regarding Sexual Awareness, Sexual Communication, Sexual Assault/Rape, Dating Skills, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Birth Control/Contraceptives, Pregnancy and Sexual Orientation.

  • Why was the SEX TEAM formed?

Nationwide, College campuses are developing comprehensive health promotion programs that include Peer Education. These peer programs are designed to encourage students to accept responsibility for their own health and well being. Based on the success of similar Peer programs, the SEX TEAM was formed in the fall of 1993, under the direction of the USA Student Health Education Division. The team is now a vital part of the health promotion program offered to the USA campus and community .

  • How can I request a program?

Anyone (faculty, staff, student, campus group or interested community member) may arrange a program. No group is too big or small; we will be happy to work with you. Simply contact a team member or Student Health Education division directly at 460-6992. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required.

  • What will I gain by attending a Campus Peer Program?

Program participants describe their experiences by saying the following:

              1) " I Liked how the presentations were open, honest and straight-forward ".
              2) " The presentations have helped me make some informed decisions about my beliefs ".
              3) " I learned that my actions have consequences affecting my body and others ".
              4) " I Liked the audience participation and the fact that the team was very knowledgeable ".
              5) " I have become more aware of the community and student needs regarding these health                    issues ".
  • How can I become a Peer Educator?

The process of becoming a Peer educator and a SEX TEAM member is an easy one. First, you must be a student at the University of South Alabama . Second, you must print a copy of the online application form, linked at the bottom of this page, complete it and submit it at the Student Health Center .

Candidates are required to:
              1) Complete approximately 36 Hrs of preparatory training.
              2) Participate in a minimum of 4 programs each semester.
              3) Co-teach one training session of new members.
              4) Attend monthly administrative meetings.
              5) Exemplify the peer helping philosophy by serving as a positive role model.
  • What will I gain by becoming a Peer Educator?

Team members are part of a highly skilled team of students committed to providing accurate, non-judgmental sexual health information to University of South Alabama students and the community. Members describe the program as having enhanced their personal development.

For Information about SEX TEAM, Call (251) 460-6992.
Please click the links below for the application forms.

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