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Meisler Hall
  Mitchell College of Business College of Nursing  
  Biomedical Sciences (B.S.B.S.) Accounting (B.S.B.A.) Nursing (B.S.N.)  
Cardiorespiratory Care (B.S.C.S.) Finance (B.S.B.A.)    
Emergency Medical Services (B.S.) General Business (B.S.B.A.) School of Computing  
Emergency Medical Training (Basic & Paramedic Cert.) Management (B.S.B.A.) Computer Science (B.S.C.S.)  
Pre-Professional Health Services (B.S.P-P.H.S.) Marketing (B.S.B.A.) Health Informatics Certificate  
Radiologic Sciences (Cert.; B.S.R.S.)   Information Systems (B.S.I.S)  
Speech and Hearing Sciences (B.S.S.H.S.) College of Education Information Technology (B.S.I.T.)  
  Elementary (K-6) Education (B.S.)    
Health Education (B.S.) Continuing Education and Special Programs  
Anthropology (B.A.) Leisure Studies (B.S.) Adult Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.; B.S.)  
Art (Studio) (B.F.A) Physical Education (B.S.) Interdisciplinary Degree Program (B.A./B.S.)  
Biology (B.S.) Secondary (Middle/High School) Education (B.S.)  
Chemistry (B.S.)      English/Language Arts    
Communications (B.A.)      General Science Composite    
Criminal Justice (B.A.)      Mathematics    
Dramatic Arts (B.A.; B.F.A.)      Social Science Composite    
English (B.A.) Special Education (B.S.)    
Foreign Language (B.A.)      Collaborative Teaching    
Geographic Information Systems (Cert.)      Early Childhood Special Education    
Geography (B.S.)      
Geology (B.S.) College of Engineering    
Gerontology (Certificate) Chemical Engineering (B.S.Ch.E.)    
History (B.A.) Civil Engineering (B.S.Cp.E)    
International Studies (B.A.) Computer Engineering (B.S.C.E.)    
Mathematics/Statistics (B.S.) Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.)    
Meteorology (B.S.) Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.)    
Music (B.M.)      
Philosophy (B.A.)      
Physics (B.S.)      
Political Science (B.A.)      
Psychology (B.A.)      
Social Work (B.S.W.)      
Sociology (B.S.)      

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